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Leaving Your Verbally Abusive Husband

Updated on October 16, 2013

Being six months into your marriage, you begin to feel out of place and are thinking of leaving your verbally abusive husband. Even though he hasn’t laid his hands on you, there is still a chance he will. Roughly 75% of verbally abusive men are also physically abusive too and this is one of the things you should be worried about.

He screams at you, belittles you and even makes you feel as if you are worthless. This type of man doesn’t respect you or show you love. It seems as if he has anger problems that explode at anytime or anyplace. You shouldn’t have to live in fear. Know that you are worth more than that.

The story of Becky

We are going to make this short and sweet. Let’s look at Becky who was in love with her verbally abusive husband. One day, her senses came together and she got up, deciding to leave her spouse. Packing all of her bags and grabbing a wad of cash, she left - never looking back. He ended up hiring a private investigator to find her. Later he discovered that she moved to California and was living with a new guy that she’d fallen in love with. He had entered her home while she was working and hid in the garage. The moment she got out of the car, that was the last anyone saw of her. Roughly 3 minutes before the police could enter the garage, her ex husband had murdered her. You can make a choice for yourself - leaving your emotionally abusive husband or being a corpse.

Abusive husband signs

Let’s look over some abusive husband signs in order to find out just how bad the situation is. Even if a few of these signs appear, this is a warning to you. You should begin of thinking of leaving your emotionally abusive husband, especially if you want to hold onto your happiness.

  • He makes you feel as if you are worthless and your ego is even lowered.

  • You aren’t allowed to go to certain places without asking him.

  • Sometimes he pushes you to things you don’t want by yelling at you.

  • He often curses at you, calling you names to make you feel horrible.

  • In an aggressive manner, he has hit, pushed, or even slapped you.

  • You feel anxious around him all the time and even fearful.

  • He will try to manipulate you in any way possible, just to get you to do what he wants.

Verbally Abusive Husband Poll

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Emotionally abusive husband - The Past and Future

An emotionally abusive husband is someone you need to watch out for and even avoid, especially if it has almost escalated to physical violence. Here are a couple things you need to know about emotional abusive.

  • If he grew up seeing parents fighting or there has even been a divorce, this is another cause of emotional abuse. Often, the past will mold us into who we are. Only the strongest will do the right thing.

  • Your spouse drinks alcohol or does drugs. This will heighten any of his emotions and even make him do things he wouldn’t do if he were sober.

  • Whenever you are around other men, he immediately pulls you away from them and scolds you just for having a conversation with them. He doesn’t understand what “being friendly” means.

  • You start to notice that he screams a lot at the kids and does not have patience. A man without patience is often a dangerous one. He has not learned how to put himself into another’s situation.

  • There are some husbands who want to be the sole provider and this is a red flag - especially if he doesn’t want you to get a job. He keeps you in the house all the time and wants you to stay there, afraid you’ll meet someone. Insecure guys are the most abusive.

Tips on leaving your emotionally abusive husband

Preparing to leave your husband? If so, there are a few things you need to prepare for before you do. First of all, he shouldn’t know that you are leaving him. He will be extremely abusive if you plan on doing this.

  • Keep it a secret that you are leaving. Don’t tell your friends, family, or worst of all -his friends.

  • Save up a few thousand dollars before leaving. This will be enough to get you into an apartment.

  • If you do not have this kind of money, find a job. Start the job after you have moved out.

  • Stay at a family member’s house that he doesn’t know about. If you will be at your moms, let her know that he is not welcome there.

  • Change your phone number if possible. He will be calling you off the hook now that you have left.

  • File for divorce and if he has been abusive recently - a restraining order to protect you.


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