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Lesbians in China May Now Donate Blood

Updated on July 6, 2012

Anyone who was homosexual in China could not donate their blood. That ban began in 1998 until it was just amended slightly. The Chinese Health Ministry now makes it legal for lesbians to donate blood to blood banks, yet, still prohibits gay men from donating their blood. However, gay men who are celibate, may give blood. Hmm, a couple of questions.

1. How will authorities know if the gay celibate man is actually that? or, telling the truth? Are they talking about religious monks?

2. AIDS can be transmitted in non-sexual ways, like dirty needles from drug addicts may have used. A person can still get it if a person with a cut that has AIDS spills blood onto a person with an open wound, or somehow gets into the clean person's bloodstream. That said, allowing lesbians to give blood seems not much safer. Who's to say they were not using dirty needles?

3. A lesbian could have been raped or had sex with a man somewhere in the past that had AIDS, yet never showed signs. Now, they are in a real lesbian relationship and now can give blood to China's blood bank.

It just seems China should have let the 1998 ban alone. Too many loopholes. If you are in China, avoid getting any blood transfusion.


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