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Let Me Advise... 05/30/10 by Merwin

Updated on May 30, 2010

To Be Sought by Merwin

These scenarios should speak to both genders, and should speak as well to those who may not be believers. Sorry brothers and sisters we do not have the market cornered on values. Values exactly, are not really the focus here as much as romance, and by romance I do not mean the corrupted expression of the word.

Romance... without becoming too encumbered with definitions, in its intended use here means, that which sensually moves one's emotions.

It can be recognized in many ways... "The hills are alive with the sound of music..." from "The Sound of Music", is a great example. And certainly we could joke about it by saying, "It wouldn't be so "alive" with it, if you'd just stop belting out that tune", but what the character of Maria was conveying, is that the country's beauty sang to her.

Most people can identify with this type of romance, though they may not recognize it as such. They can stand upon the windswept knoll overlooking the white capped sea, and be gladly impacted by the stunning brilliance of sunbeams breaking through the rushing clouds, striking the far watery vista, creating a mobile patchwork of silver temporal treasures and be moved, deeply moved, and still not see the connection.

Today's meaning of romance is really a shame, because those above are some of the foundational values and definitions for romance. Most of romance has little to do with sexuality, but It is finding the emotional value in something or someone that goes beyond reason, that goes beyond clinical definitions and goes into the sublime explanations.

Then there is that, which is epic... today's common "street" usage of the word may be correct, but for the sake of this Hub allow me to convey what I mean by its use. Epic... a grand, far reaching adventure that spans a lifetime. My meaning needs to include the concept of "A pearl of great price" parable, which by description shows a person that finds a pearl of great price in a field, sells everything he owns to purchase that field. This is a parable of romance.

Tolkien's Frodo and Sam Wise, is an example of a romantic love affair that had nothing to do with sexuality, but had everything to do with the overwhelming bond between two people (hobbits), based totally on recognizing the value in another, and holding that as precious, precious enough to give one's life for and disregarding their shortcomings, for we all have them.

Now to another scene... we all, have been beat about with our own poor judgments, bad choices, and the soul illness that cause us to settle for less than our ideal. Yet, we may still stand on that wind swept knoll partaking of the beauty that overwhelms us and brings us to tears of joy and hope.

Hope... indeed, for being taken up in that moment, our soul is temporarily enshrined in the sublime, and we find ourselves daring to hope for more. We are for a moment, able to conceive the possibility that our missteps have not disqualified us. That we may yet find that romantic vessel, that sees not our error. The chalice of redemption that only sees in us the value that we ourselves can no longer view nor even comprehend.

This may be why we go from poor choice to poor choice. It may be true that we are seeking what we need, and that is the trust, validation and encouragement that only our own Sam Wise can provide us with.

Your Sam Wise is out there and you, you are Sam's - Sam Wise, or Frodo. These are your genderless compatriots, there to encourage you. And therein is also the Pearl of Great Price that God created for you, specifically to be your spouse. One that sees you as their own Pearl, the person that will give up everything to purchase even the regrets of the entire field, seeking only the value of the Pearl that is you.

We as people today, have lost our belief in romantic values and reduced it to a pathway to sex. Let us set aside today's corrupted meaning of romance and reach down within ourselves to the reality of what is an epic adventure, a life long stoic commitment to the value of our friends and spouse. Be Sam, be the Pearl, risk all and purchase your Pearl. And sometimes the price of purchase is to disregard your missteps and simply wait with patience for your Pearl.

Be courageous... dare to be a Romantic.


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    • CoauthorU profile image

      CoauthorU 7 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      thanks for your input Seth it means a lot.

    • skepler profile image

      skepler 7 years ago from North Idaho

      As a true romantic at heart I applaud you. I know now the true feeling of romance. I had felt it before, and never quite understood why I put my friend (now wife) before myself and previous infatuations. I was always bewildered why she meant so much to me. At risk of sounding cliche "I see her". If you are one of the many who enjoyed Avatar this is something deeper than any infatuation. I am inspired. Please look for my next hub. I will warn that if you have not seen the movie Avatar you might want to watch it first though as I may ruin it for you. Excellent hub. The sanctity of relationship and romance needs to be restored.