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Let me show you how it is done

Updated on December 18, 2014

Hold my purse honey; let me show you how it’s done.

That is exactly the kind of attitude every girl or lady out there should have in their life. Most people like underestimating ladies, telling them what should or should not be done. I come from a long line of single mothers; somehow husbands either die too early, or they do not know of their offspring. I am not trying to spook anyone out, just a warning. But in our family, I come to learn of independence. True financial independence which is vital to a lady in this day and age.

Where I am from, there is the culture that women are inferior to men. And please do not get it all mixed up. I believe that wives should submit to their husband. However, when it comes to my career and things that I plan on achieving, you better not stand in my way. Because the more you resist, the more i will push on. And you do not want to be standing in the way when I break that wall down.

So, ladies, do not let anyone tell you different. Set your goals straight and have a clear path on reaching there. I am not saying that you have to figure out everything right away, but just take the first step. And please remember to pray, because prayer does wonders. Prayer shifts some unseen forces that are beyond our understanding. Pray for the strength to keep on moving because at times, you will reach a dead end. You will think that there is nowhere to go but back, but remember there is always an option of going above, or through, or around. Take your pick. So, put on that lip gloss, and show some attitude. Because if you are confident enough that you will make it, you probably will.

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