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Let's talk about the sex issue

Updated on September 6, 2015
No sex relationships
No sex relationships | Source
I guess not tonight
I guess not tonight | Source
She's still not in the mood
She's still not in the mood | Source
So, we have a problem. Let's talk about it.
So, we have a problem. Let's talk about it. | Source

How much sex is too much sex? So many relationships, marriages complain of either or. What is the deal? If you’re in a monogamous relationship and are rarely or not having sex at all; are you happy? Is sex something the both of you can live without? Every couple is different. What works for one may not work for another.

This may not be an issue for some couples. However there are numerous articles all over the internet that imply this is a huge issue. The world of today makes it seem as if sex is top priority in a relationship or marriage. So, what happens when all is great in a relationship because there is no sex? It solely works out well for those who are accepting of this type of relationship.

Some couples easily lose their way to the bedroom. Statistics show that 60% of men reach an age where they’re comfortable without engaging in the act. They have grown accustomed to not needing or wanting any sexual gratification. Their spouse/partner will have no problem with this; especially if they to lack libido. These particular couples are content. They find nothing abnormal of the matter.

Now, the relationship that has your partner complaining & asking why is there no sex? The both of you have the best of everything. A relationship that is full of trust, love, respect, friendship and communication. It basically doesn’t have any physical contact whatsoever; yet is wanted. The complaints are never ending. The two of you must come to a solution. Could it possibly be a physical impairment? Or worse a mental one; meaning you simply just don’t like sex any longer for whatever reason. In any scenario once you have addressed the fact that there is an issue. The next step would be consulting with a physician. If a boost in libido is necessary then feel comfortable to do so. Do not take supplements because your spouse is pressuring you. This is a choice that men & women must make on their own. If in case this is the fact, have no shame. This is a very common problem that most men don’t like to discuss.

The same applies to females. Although many females will not acknowledge that they have a problem; when it comes to sex. It can be anything from hormones, menopause, or another person. Some women will never admit the problem could be them. Some will blame the man at all costs rather than accept they’re body is changing. Age is a major factor when it comes to women. It is just as important as it is in men. Women do not like to accept the fact that reaching a certain age can increase your libido or destroy it. Whatever the case is, seeking medical attention is highly recommended. When the estrogen has left the building keep in mind; so will your sex life.

Now if the problem in females is the opposite. You have an overactive sexual appetite once again it may be a problem. This may be cause for concern to some. If a woman is on a constant go for sex from you and it is not being met. She will find alternative solutions. This is a given fact. Yes, I said it. It is truth. This goes for both parties not just women. If either party isn’t receiving what their bodies naturally crave. They will seek what they need elsewhere or alone. This could be the ending of your relationship or possibly adventure into a non-monogamous one.

The only solution in not having enough or having too much sex in any kind of relationship; is communicating! Whatever choices the two of you decide let it be because the both of you want your relationship to work. Isn’t this what it is all about? The answer will always be to communicate.


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