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Letter to my Future Husband..

Updated on December 14, 2014

I Knew You Before I Ever Met You!


The Love of my Life!


You are such a beautiful man!!

Everyone keeps asking me what am I waiting for, when it comes to getting involved in a relationship? I respond by telling them I am waiting for the man of my DREAMS! This is a letter to the FUTURE LOVE of my LIFE! I haven't met you as of yet, but I know you are out there just waiting for me. I have loved you all my LIFE!

No-one understands our relationship because they don't understand our love for each other. We are that fairy tale that most people state, "That's not real that would never happen in real life!" You are my fairy tale, because you love me, not the person I have shown to the world. You love me; the world doesn't know or understand me. You get me, and I get you!

You are special, and it has nothing to do with your looks, although to me you are gorgeous. You are smart--brilliant, caring, compassionate and you believe in little old me. AWESOME! I just want to thank you for finally finding me and fulfilling all my dreams together. I love your spirit and humanity, most of all I love the fact that you are a man and never, ever try to convince the world of your manhood. Your sheer presence dictates who and what you are all about.

You never allow me to be in the background of your life unless it is beneficial to our relationship. When I look into your eyes I know you only look at me with that love and wanting. When you look at me, in that way that only you can do, I feel myself melting, getting all warm inside, my heart starts beating faster and my wanting to just fall into your strong loving arms. God I love and am in love with you, my dearest dream heart!

Sometimes, when you are sleep I just lay there watching you and thanking God that you are my husband. I am so lucky.....but I also know it is destiny that brought us together. We are meant to be, we are meant to live a real life fairy tale life. I want to thank you for bringing me the little things when you go out into the world. The flowers, cookies, teddy bear, nick knacks and the love letters. All this you do just to let me know, that you love me and is thinking about me.

With you every day is a day to show just how much you love me. I love that it doesn't have to be, "Sweetest Day, Valentine's Day, or our Anniversary," for you to show your love for me! You always tell me, "I don't need an occasion to show my love for you; you are the reason for me to show my love to and for you!"

The day you told me, "I LOVE YOU," my world changed forever! My heart knew that you were the man I would LOVE for the rest of my LIFE! Here you are declaring your love for me and all I can do is cry because I knew you would always love me. I knew we would continue to hold hands, ride our bikes, and have picnics together! I knew we would lay in the bed and read our favorite books together. I knew if I fell you and only you would be right there to catch me. My needs would become our needs. I love you so much for being the man you are and the man you were always meant to lover and......husband and best friend.

I promise I will never betray you in any kind of way. I promise you that we will never take each other for granted. Your needs will become my needs and I will never stop loving you. My gift to you is me, just as your gift to me will be you.

I am waiting patiently for being my FUTURE HUSBAND....LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!! Finally, I promise I will never attempt to raise you as if you are a boy. You are everything I dreamed and the only changes we will make will be growing to love each other more and more every day of our life.


You Are My Fairy Tale!



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