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Letterman Sex Scandal - How Did David Letterman Come Out Smelling Of Roses?

Updated on May 25, 2010

David Letterman Sex Scandal

Initially I didn't pay any attention to the news about the David Letterman sex scandal. Then I saw the video of him on the Late Show. It has been playing on my mind.

Well, more correctly it is the manipulation that has been playing on my mind.

And I am not talking about the so called extortionist's manipulation... but David Letterman's manipulation of the general public.


He may have come out smelling of roses, but what can you do if you ever are on the receiving end of a master manipulator or cheating partner?

Cheating Behaviors For All The World To See

I, in NO way condone the so called extortionist's behavior. Blackmail is a serious offence.

But look at the behavior of a man who has been caught red handed cheating on his girlfriend who is now his wife. Here he is making light of all this terrible stuff he has done. He manages to do this in such a way that you feel sorry for him. How did he come out smelling of roses?

What about the real victims here? His partner for one and maybe even the ladies with whom he had sex?

One thing is certain, this kind of manipulation is not uncommon with cheats. In fact being a proficient manipulator appears to be a common trait. I don't know this from direct experience, but I nurtured my sister through two very messy and complicated divorces both involving cheating husbands.

The lies and deceptions were mind blowing in themselves, but I think it was the denials and manipulation that occurred once confronted that left me completely shattered. I would never have believed anyone could lie so blatantly, until I saw it with my own eyes.

My sister didn't cope at all well either time. She continued to be mesmerized by the manipulators in her life. Still to this day, they manipulate her to the core so she thinks it was all her fault.

Whilst watching my sister try to cope with the situation, I got to thinking about how I would handle it myself and came up with my own plan.

Plan To Catch Cheating Spouse And Head Off The Inevitable Manipulation

Here's a plan I wrote to catch a cheating spouse. Written down and ready, just in case! I am of course hoping NEVER to have to use this plan, but I decided to publish it today, just in case it helps someone else deal with a manipulator or cheating partner.

  1. Get hard evidence of the cheating. Depending upon the circumstances this could be DIY (do it myself) or hire a Private Investigator.
  1. Get a confidante. First thing is to do the groundwork and make sure my chosen confidant is not involved with the cheating scenario. The confidante is rock to lean on through the hard times and a safe haven where I can take off to with the kids if I have to.
  2. Plan strategy and run it by confidante. When and where will I confront my cheating partner? What will I say? What will I do? Will I stay or will I go? What is the outcome I really want?
  3. Get finances and exit strategy in order. Even if I plan to stay, I cannot be sure of the reaction of my partner so I figure you need to be prepared for any outcomes.
  4. Find out the name of the best divorce lawyer I can afford. This is a good tool in the arsenal.
  5. Have an independent witness with me at the confrontation. That way my cheating spouse will know he's been caught out and I am deadly serious. The other thing is it will tip the balance in my favor as he probably won't be expecting it. I am thinking this might reduce his ability to manipulate me further.

Going back to the David Letterman cheating scandal. Did you notice on the clip how he won the audience over by not actually mentioning what it was all about. They were all 100% behind him until he mentioned in more detail what it was actually all about. And then they were quite stunned. There was a hush, almost a gasp.

And then, change of pace, the master of timing, he then made them laugh again with him. Watch out for it. He used an oldie but a goodie:

  • Kiss 'em
  • Kick 'em
  • Kiss 'em again

Never underestimate the power of a manipulator.

What do you think? Was he the victim or just another cheater caught out?


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