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Life a s a teenager

Updated on August 16, 2016

What can happen in a teenager's life

As a teen, I can say living in this world is really tough. First of all you gotta go school well its really important but that's mostly where all the drama happens, you can meet your very best friend that would later on turn into your worst enemy. As a teenager, we worry more about what we look like and what people will think about us instead of living for ourselves. Teenagers really go through things, we sometimes take our life away, because we get bullied, judge base on how we look or our past, we sometimes fail to understand that all this is just a phase, well even though they are just phases but some stuff that happens in our teenage life can follow us through our adults life. it may sometimes destroys us deeply, it could destroy you mentally, and physically. What can happen in a teenage life is incredible. I'm not saying only these bad things can happen while in your teenage years, while there, you can meet the love of your life, discover who you truly are, becoming who you always wanted to be, it all happens there in a teenage life.


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