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Life after the Wedding day: Are you ready?

Updated on October 7, 2013

Wedding Day





Married life can bring joy, peace, stability and contentment. But there are failures too. Especially if you have formed an idealized picture of your partner and marry during the first glow of enthusiasm. You may not see it but you are bound to a rude awakening.

‘Till death do us part” is the solemn vow made at the wedding. So the wedding day splendor shouldn’t divert you from vital question concerning the future ahead as “one flesh”.



On your own two feet



You should ask yourself; I’m I ready for this new role in life? I’m I equipped for the responsibility ahead? Wife: homemaker, cooking, cleaning, mending, caring for children, taking care of my future husbands needs and still work a part- time or full time job? Do I see my future mate as someone whom I can always have deep respect for?

Husband: Do I have adequate job to care for my needs a future wife and future children?

Can I actually take care of a home and handle repairs and any other issues that come with it? Is my future partner submissive or a competitor for household leadership?

Marriage is not a prolonged honeymoon. It is a settled, deeply satisfying partnership, with each one contributing generously toward the success of the undertaking.

Could it be you just giving in to sexual desire? Needless to say we aren’t animals whose sex drive implanted in them determines when to mate. Humans on the other hand have the ability to control and not let sex urges to direct one’s course in life.

Life after the Wedding day: Are you ready?

A Better Way

Wouldn’t it be reasonable to experience standing alone as an individual after passing the adolescent stage when sexual urges are harder to control? Take your time wait to have depended on your own resources, physical, mental and spiritual. Learn the realities of single life. Going from Mom and Dad’s house to a marriage mate you miss this opportunity. I will give you the false illusion of dependence to other as the way to attain happiness and protection. Think of what you are bringing to a relationship. I’m I still mama’s boy or daddy’s little girl.

Life after the Wedding day: Are you ready?


Waiting before plunging into matrimony understanding that intimate association with the opposite sex, reading books, or watching movies with sex as the theme doesn’t help control sexual urges. Understanding the seriousness of the vow “for better or for worse” Considering the words of Proverbs 29:20 “Have you beheld a man hasty with his words? There is more hope for someone stupid than for him”. You will be able to think more calmly and lucidly on vital questions including love and marriage. A greater stability will come to your life. You will look beyond the wedding day and prepare in advance for your role as husband or wife.


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