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Life with a Pregnant Wife: What Every Husband Should Know to Survive

Updated on September 13, 2012

Baby Room Planning

Finding the Results of Pregnancy Test

Well Back in November we found out we were pregnant for the first time. Well it was kind of planned, we just stopped trying not to get pregnant and boom the stork showed up. I would never think that life would change as soon as I got that double pink line.

It seems as soon as you see that result the hormones start going nuts in your wife. I understand that they do that and it won't stop til the babies born. (Just Kidding) it still goes on after the birth from what I hear.You will also win brownie points to get a Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow

Deciding if you tell parents right away

Well we wanted to get past that hump and decided to wait to tell are parents on Christmas with a little card with a ultrasound in it. Guys some family members take this better than others. Parents are excited and sometimes siblings are jealous. But my wife loves are story because the first person that she told was a dental surgeon because she had a gum graph and had to tell him she was pregnant she was so mad but it makes a great story.

Do you want a Boy, Girl, or a Mystery?

Well all guys usually want a boy a little mini me. Well my wife decided to keep it a mystery and because I have a big mouth I'm not aloud to fin out what the gender is. It's tough when your getting yellow and green clothing for your new baby.

People will ask what the gender is and when you tell them your not finding out they say"O good for you guys that's the fun way" What they are really thinking is well that's no fun. Plus i'm weird I want a little girl first but overall I want a healthy baby.

Remember Fence in the Pool or Pond


Well we all have a genetics map made for are children that we want them to be like or inherit. For example if a girl I hope it gets my wives family looks, my blue eyes, her dark hair, my interest in math and history, my wives interest in science and English, my bones because my wives family has bad arthritis. My wife wants them to get my curly hair, long eyelashes that most women would die for.

As you can see the listen goes on and on, but they will be their own individual and I will love them for it.

Shoes, Pillows, O MY

You need to be supportive of your wives weight gain and when she needs new maternity clothes so that she can be comfortable, let them get them you will thank me later when they aren't complaining about being comfy.

Body Pillow go buy one now!!!!! You won't be cuddling with your wife when they are preganant because of the ups and downs of body temp they have, My wife even swats my hand off her, my hand, yes because it's to warm just resting on her arm.

Get good at massages because they will melt in your arms if you just start massaging them when ever, don't wait til they ask.

A total pillow like the ones you see on tv are great for keeping the gap in the legs and they are only $10.

Nike Shocks are for comfortable walking because when a pregnant womens feet hurt your walk is over and that can be in as little as 20 minutes.

All of these are easy to get and your wife will be shocked when they get home and see these laid out for them. You will have won because it's for you just as much.

Phone Calls Begin

So before that baby comes help your wife out and call some places for her. Yes you will need a pediatrician, a daycare, or nanny what ever you are doing you want choices. Choose between 3-4 pediatricians and go for a prenatal consultation and interview them. Here is a link for interview questions. The questions are basic because you will get a feeling when you meet them.

Also you might want to do mommy classes or Lamaze classes for breathing and they fill up fast. Then you will want to do a tour of the hospital that you are delivering at because you want to know some what of where you are going when that day of panic and mayhem start when her water breaks or contractions get closer and closer.

Help them make those calls they will love you for it!!!

The Birth

Learn the technique that your wife is going to use when giving birth and pay attention, you will be massaging, rubbing, calming down, shooing out relatives, being a coach, and reassuring your wife. Then you usually are the first to hold the baby so work for it because your wife did for 9 months or so. Do what ever she wants you to do or get because it's her time and your on her clock for the healthy birth of your new baby.


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