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Lingerie Shower Ideas & Games

Updated on June 21, 2013

"Throwing the perfect Lingerie Shower can be a piece of cake, with a little planning and a lot of smutty lingerie." -Steph Storm


Lingerie Shower vs. Bachelorette Party

Why a Lingerie Shower? Many Brides are opting for a Lingerie Shower over a Bachelorette Party or doing both parties as a lead up to the Wedding day. Lingerie showers are usually held in someones home, a wider range of guests are invited (like Mom's & Aunts) vs. a Bachelorette Bash. Sharing these event with a broader group of family and friends can foster a closeness that is especially comforting to Brides.

Which type of party would you rather have (or are planning to have)?

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The Perfect Invitation

It all starts with the perfect party invitation Don't be shy about it - send all the Bride's best girls a cute invite featuring your theme - Lingerie! Be sure to include anything the guests need to bring, the theme info, the type of dress, directions and a map.

Be Sure To Include

  • What guests should wear
  • What Guests should bring
  • Party theme or color palette
  • RSVP Info
  • The Party Location, a Map & Directions
  • The Party Date & Time
  • The Brides Sizes (Bra & Undies)


Party Games

Don't forget the Party Games - they are a must at any Lingerie Shower or Bachelorette Party! Don't spend a fortune on the game, just head to a site like and pick the best free printable games, scavenger hunts, and more!

Top Lingerie Shower Games

  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Bride Bingo
  • How well do you know the Bride?
  • A Groom Quiz


The Brides Gift

Lingerie of course! Pick something that will thrill the Groom and is totally impractical. This is not the time for a cozy robe or fuzzy slippers - it's time for the good stuff! If you really want to make an impact choose a personalized gift, like these rhinestone cheeky panties with the Wedding Date from Not only are they a great gift, but they will double as a keepsake of the Wedding (or honeymoon). Go even sexier with a little bedroom game or theme Sexy Pink Rhinestone Handcuffs!

Top Lingerie Shower Gifts

  • Sexy Panties
  • Lacy Bras
  • Sheer Nighties
  • Lace Garter
  • Sexy Stockings
  • Bedroom Games

Food Ideas

Let the lingerie theme run wild with the food and drink at your party! Use bras, undies, corsets and more as your theme and create a fun array of deserts! Don't forget to create signature drink for the party, a yummy shot called "the panty dropper" or and martini called "the striptease", just take your favorite drink recipes and add a twist!

Top Lingerie Shower Food & Drink Ideas

  • A Signature Martini
  • A Sexy Shot
  • Sinful desserts with a Lingerie Motif


Lingerie Shower Décor

Pick a color theme and tell the guests the colors, to get help creating the ambiance. Create a fun d├ęcor by hanging an array of nighties, bras and panties around the room, in the colors you chose. Add some mood lighting with paper lanterns or candles. Check out to see lots of do-it-yourself ideas that will thrill the Bride, but won't break the bank.


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    • Andybmondeo profile image

      Andybmondeo 4 years ago

      Fantastic post, i have just ordered the rhinestone hand cuffs from The House of Bachelorette, perfect gift for my good lady for our anniversary night, I ordered the lace and satin trim from which should be complemented by the cuffs,

      I will take a photo of the cuffs and lingerie on, my woman wont mind as long as its not to revealing, again great post and great sites, will post on my Facebook !