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Liquid Trust: An Empirical Review of Liquid Trust

Updated on April 18, 2013

Liquid Trust

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Liquid Trust
Liquid Trust
Liquid Trust

A Brutal Review of Liquid Trust - The First Oxytocin Pheromone Spray - A Sales Persons Best Friend?

Have you been wondering if this stuff called Liquid Trust really works? Is Liquid Trust for real or an elaborate marketing scam? If so, this evaluation of Liquid Trust should steer you in the right direction! Don't even think about buying Liquid Trust, or any other attractant pheromone product until you read one of my reviews!

I initially began conducting an empirical evaluation into a number of attractant pheromones back in December, 2007, trying desperately to answer my own question, Do Pheromones Work? I have been field testing numerous products, including Liquid Trust from back then to present day!

Evaluating Liquid Trust Using The Empirical Method

My informal research exclusively utilized the empirical method of evaluation, by definition this essentially means;

"Depending upon experience or observation alone, without using scientific method or theory, esp. as in medicine."

In lay persons terms this simply means, that I bought the stuff, tried the stuff out, and then documented what reactions I was able to observe over several weeks, or months. A tried and true method of scientific evaluation.

What Is Liquid Trust? That's Not The Real Question Perhaps? What is Qxytocin?

Liquid Trust is in the attractant pheromone genre, but is not technically a pheromone product. Liquid Trust is the first such product to contain a chemical, a human hormone known as Oxytocin, and here lies the magic of Vero Labs' invention. The real question is, what is Oxytocin?

Oxtytocin is a naturally occurring hormone found in every human brain. Oxytocin, has been identified to play a major role in sex, breast feeding, the formation of social ties and bounds, mood elevation, and has even been studied as a possible treatment for social phobias and disorders! In essence when inhaled, Oxytocin seems to make people bond with you and trust you much more freely.
The discoveries regarding Oxytocin have been published recently far and wide, so I will not cover them in depth within this review, however one can read a sampling of press releases and news articles on Oxytocin below;

Hormone Spray Is Found To Bolster Trust in Others - The Washington Post

as well as,

To Trust or Not to Trust: Ask Oxytocin - Scientific American

What Vero Labs has done, is to simply create a proprietary blend, which when worn will allow a greater amount of Oxytocin to travel airborne, thus elevating the Oxytocin levels of those folks around the wearer of Liquid Trust. As you may have read in the news reports above, higher levels of Oxytocin inhaled, leads to a person becoming more trusting, generous, and even desiring to bond with the wearer after exposure.

So, does Liquid Trust Work? My Empirical Testing of Liquid Trust

In preparing for my testing, I made a solemn decision not to contaminate my testing results. I would would go about my normal work day, and behave in a rather disinterested manner. In other words, I would not seek out or try to elicit any type of positive response in others, nor would I even be overtly friendly to those I interacted with, I would be neutral in my behavior and response, rather dry really.

The point was simply to observe the responses, or lack of responses of those around me. Keep in mind during my testing, that I work in business-to-business outside sales. So I am frequently required to visit the purchasing managers of other companies to negotiate sales contracts. Therefore, most testing will occur in a formal, enclosed office setting.

I also would apply between two and four sprays of Liquid Trust, immediately prior to walking into each prospective clients office. I conducted a total of ten field tests on Liquid Trust, below describes the experience of the first test.

The Liquid Trust Test - 1 of 10

I walked into this purchasing manager's office, it was our second meeting, he is 27 years old, happily married with two small children.

After barely a minute within his office, I observed his face turning red andhis mood lightened dramatically, he seemed truly happy to see me, almost as if I was a long lost friend of his.

As time passed, we would seem to never get around to talking business, it was all personal as if we were two buddies getting caught-up! The meeting got so chummy, that he started confessing to me about his numerous extra-marital activities, which included frequent trips to Mexicali, Mexico in search of ladies of the evening! This purchasing managerduring my first visit was completely professional, pressed for time, and ALL BUSINESS! But not today?

After approximately twenty minutes with this purchasing manager spilling his guts, and telling me more than I ever wanted to know about him personally, his assistant walked into his office with a question, an attractive women in her early thirties. Within about a minute, after she stepped into this small enclosed office, his assistant seemed to start responding to this Liquid Trust affect as well, just as strongly as the purchasing manager was! To make matter worse, she seemed overly interested in me, and what I had to say, in the extreme! She wouldn't leave, but kept coming up with various business reasons why she needed to stay and speak with me!

Two hours later, we concluded our business. This type of sales call usually runs up to thirty minutes tops! The business aspect of our meeting was concluded only in the last 10 minutes, in which the purchasing manager simply 'gave away the farm' so to speak, signed my contract, and expressed his desire to return to our personal conversation rather than talking business.

Folks, I have never had this happen during a business to business sales call, and re-negotiation session....Ever! As I tried to document my observations of this encounter, it was difficult because the affects were so telling, but rather bizarre!

Kate Bohner Reports on Liquid Trust

In Conclusion: My Findings On Liquid Trust - Along With Some Important Tips

In conclusion, Liquid Trust is a very powerful Oxytocin based pheromone attractant. I am not a scientist. I do not know how or why certain things do what they do? However, I am fully capable of testing and documenting my observations, and my evaluation of Liquid Trust produced some very convincing results.

Overall, after conducting all 10 field tests of Liquid Trust, nearly every encounter produced similar results, and those results were unmistakable. Liquid Trust is clearly a handy weapon in the arsenal of a sales person, prospective job applicant, or even an employee seeking a raise!

Side Note:

It must be mentioned that I have found that Liquid Trust does not last very long after application! It will dissipate and seem to have no effect after 1 to 3 hours. Furthermore, because of the temperamental nature of Oxytocin, one must keep Liquid Trust refrigerated in between uses to keep this compound from breaking down and becoming useless.

Liquid Trust, despite Vero Labs marketing claims, >was not observed to produce any kind of sexual attraction or sexual tension in those near the wearer...None!

Liquid Trust was observed to induce excess feelings of trust and openness, and did facilitate folks desire to bond with me on personal level, but in no way was it sexually driven, it was more like a, "you're a real cool guy! Lets talk about anything!" type of response.

If you desire to add a sexual attraction element to Liquid Trust, then you should read my reviews entitled "Do Pheromones Work." In which I cover which products I tested along with Liquid Trust that will add the whole sexual attraction element into the whole mix

But be advised, that Liquid Trust by itself is not a pure attraction inducing product, it is a trust enhancing product, and is effective for little more than that by itself...

Listen to Dr. Paul J. Zak, PhD speak on the effects of Oxytocin - Liquid Trust's prime ingredient - Clinical Lecture - Very long!


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