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Little People Dating Sites

Updated on June 2, 2010

If you are looking for a little people dating site you may be wondering where to turn to with all of the little people dating sites that you see online. Some of the sites, which you’ll stumble upon are…

The first site you’ll likely see when you search for “little people dating” in the search engines is To see what it was like I decided to make a profile and see what the dating profiles were for my hometown. Needless to say, it was not impressive. A mere 4 profiles showed up for the city in which I live in. However, this may be a different situation if you live in a larger city, such as San Francisco or New York City. Seeing that is the “premier” little people dating site (at least according to the search engines), I doubt that the other little people dating sites are any better. Like any dating site (including the big ones such as, you’re bound to stumble upon profiles, which are outdated and which are just plain fake. There are a lot of spam profiles out there, courtesy of website owners who have to resort to such techniques to get traffic to their websites.

Aside from these “niche” little people dating sites, there are the big and popular ones including…
Yahoo! Personals

Because these sites are popular, you’re bound to stumble upon some little people profiles. Currently, sites such as,, and Yahoo! Personals allow you to sort by height. I tested out Yahoo! Personals by searching by height and was pleased to find a good number of women (I’m a man), who matched the height criteria.

As such, these “big” sites are also little people online dating sites because there are profiles out there for people under 4 foot 10 inches. Although other sites don’t allow you to sort be height, such as Plenty of Fish, you can try browsing the profiles. Some sites will allow you to search for tags such as “little people” ( is like a search engine for dating profiles).

Good luck!


Technology will soon change the face of online dating. For a closer look at how this is happening, check out


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      brian 5 years ago

      Just what a woman my size