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Little People Online Dating

Updated on June 29, 2009

Before I get into this article, I would like to first state that it is my impression that Little People is the preferred descriptive among those with dwarfism and others who share the same stature. I’ve read that the use of the word midget is offensive, but I’m not entirely clear on how the word dwarf is perceived – therefore, we are going with Little People for the duration of this article. Now, then; I’ve done numerous articles on various dating sites and today I want to discuss a few singles sites geared toward Little People. It can be difficult to find the love of your life in person, but, thanks to the power of online dating, things get much, much easier when you start looking over the internet. Suddenly the best of the best are brought right into your living room.

This little people dating site is the largest of its kind and has a very respectable Alexa rating. If you’re cautious, you can start out looking for penpals or friends and it’s free to send a flirt to other members. But if you’re in the mood for love you can get straight to it and sign up for a membership that allows you all access to instant messaging, video and audio communication. They’ve even got personality tests to help you find the Little People you’re most compatible with.

LP Date is another Little People dating site and this one is totally free to use. The site is fully multilingual (which I can verify, as it loaded up my local language when I first viewed it) and has quite a few resources listed throughout, including information on dwarfism and how others can help promote this free Little People dating site if they’d like to help. There is also a handy Little People reference dictionary for anyone wanting to further their education in that respect. &

Unfortunately, there aren’t a great many Little People dating sites available. That being said, the giant dating sites like and may also be suitable, given that you can easily search by height. I’d encourage you to make use of the tags available, adding tags like “little people” or “dwarf” or other descriptive you might be comfortable with, and then seeking out profiles which return matching tags. Match and eHarmony have millions of members and there are sure to be Little People perusing those sites in search of Mr. or Ms. Right.


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