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Living To Laugh : Dealing with Depression

Updated on July 10, 2017

Women are more prone to falling prey to depression than men. That very fact is quite depressing for a woman suffering from depression. Because if one is suffering form this illness , anything and everything can be depressing. That is how depression works. It steals joy from your life. No matter whatever positive happens in your life. Your sense of achievement and good living – all will be hampered. You simply want to end things-your work, your life, whatever there is. In fact knowing the fcat that you are depressed is even more depressing.

Of Course, medicines do help, but they are a temporary solution. Some suggest physical activity but I have heard that even sportsperson suffer from this illness. Eating vegetables and fruits are beneficial for this illness, they say. But I am not quite sure they help.

Counseling, I must say, helps a lot. My personal experience says it is very beneficial in knowing about your own thought processes. I have spoken to experts about depression. I have read about it from magazines, books and what not. I have devised my own ways to deal with it but..

Sometimes when I see others I feel that life has not been fair to me. Because I am not able to enjoy good life as they do. I have blessings but I am not able to appreciate them. There are days when I don’t feel like getting up from bed. I feel reluctant to work , meet people to do any household chores. I feel hopeless about relationships, about love, life, work. I want to destroy , I want to put an end to all that is there. I have goals but I am not able to realize them. I make plans but I barely move forward. Only thoughts and thoughts – all negative.

BUT… there are days when I feel optimistic. There is happiness, love and hope. I work, play and pray. I am thankful .. for a few days and I go back to it again. It is a part of me, I have realized that. Depression happens to me quite frequently, I was aware of this. Now I have accepted it. I somehow manage to get through it. The “ somehow” is the way I live. I live with the fact that life is different for me from what it is for others. Though it is same sometimes.

And then sometimes I think of others who live the so called “normal life”. I envy them yet I am also aware of the fact that many people are not as fortunate as I am. Yet they live their life with an indomitable zeal. So Depression is about ME. It is not about the situations or the problems in MY LIFE. It is a problem inside my head. Otherwise, the world is beautiful. There are people facing bitter challenges in their life, yet, they laugh. They laugh their heart out. That is the lesson depression has taught me. Wherever you go , whenever you get a chance, do not just smile, LAUGH OUT !!

Laugh as if there will never be a depressive moment again.


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