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Living with Your "Manhood"

Updated on July 16, 2011

Dealing with Your Sexuality (Broaching a sensitive subject where few want to go)

Here i will examine the subject of a man's size. First of all I am not endorcing nor encoraging sex before marriage but, however it is a reality that it does happen. If virginity were upheld and respected, there would be nothing to compare. I will not be vivid or direct when choosing my words as not to show disrespect to readers or write inapropriate content. One of the touchiest subjects involves sex in a relationship and what a role a man's size plays. First of all I want to dispell the myth, and that is what it is, no matter what science says about it, size does make a difference to the person involved in a sexual relationship.A woman knows what she likes, not a doctor or sex counseler.

What i wil, however, attempt to do is help men who are bothered by size to better aaccept what they are born with. Using divices and remedies is something I highly do not recommend. Phoney devices and drugs are gimicky and are only intended to make money and take advantages of people's insecurity, stress, and lack of confidence in themselves. While men and boys who are growing up may be plagued about their size by their piers, it does not make for an easy time. I believe that in order to cope with this one must work to get involved in things that make him feel good about himself, sports body building, things that enhance what makes you feel good about being a male.

Let's get real. Sex before marriage while I do not endorce it, will and does continue to occur. When it does take place a young man may find himself confronted by the reality that he will have to expose himself to his mate. If she redicules him or rejects him is simply no reason to allow himself to stop getting involved in dating. Developing a thick skin through self dscipline, and doing things to make you feel good about yourself and building your confidence will help you to overcome being unhappy with yourself.

Long term relationships and marriage.

What should you do if your partner or wife should belittle you in an argument by bringing up your size. If your partner has accepted and not rejected you and you have been having a good relationship you must accept this as an attempt to hurt your ego. Men and women alike often say things to destroy each others' egos during the heat of arguments. Its no different than having one leg or one leg that is shorter than the other or not seeing, You, in order to live a happy healthy emotional and mental life, must help yourself come to grips with what you may consider as a disability.

No profesional counseling will help you accept what you are unwilling to accept just as being seriously affected by drinking will help an alcoholic who is unwilling to change.

Yes the only way to get on about your life is acceptance. Maybe one day size enhancement will become a reality but until it does you will have to live with it. If you are otherwise ok and appear to be perfect in appearance, you should be happy with it as a bad overall appearance could make you feel a lot worse about yourself


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    • Stephen Kalu profile image

      stephen kalu 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Sex before marriage, is it really good?

    • proactrdv profile image

      proactrdv 6 years ago from United States of America

      My hubs are intended to adress real issues in day to day living. Coming to terms with any problem means total acceptance and the willingness to stare down that issue and then accept a practical solution if it can be found. If you question why size should matter then it is clear that this is not an issue with you. Strenth is not only physical, but also the willingness to tackle what the reality of life has to offer and we know that is not always pleasant.

    • SpiffyD profile image

      SpiffyD 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      I have to agree with the first comment. To say that size matters is all too obvious. The real question is "How much?" Dr. Ruth suggested that it's about how well the male organ complements the female's. She also pointed out that length is not the only factor, but girth as well. Seriously though, this hub promised much and didn't deliver on the promise. It would have been interesting if it did.

    • vrbmft profile image

      Vernon Bradley 6 years ago from Yucaipa, California

      Well, I appreciate you attempting to tackle a delicate topic, but I am not sure you said anything. If, in fact, size does make a difference, you could have told why it does. I think there might be more issues with one being too big than with one being average size (5.5 inches erect). I have no idea or have read nothing about at one point a man's penis is too small.

      It is my understanding that women who know how to stimulate themselves with the man's penis during sexual activity or sexual intercourse sometimes prefer a smaller or at least softer penis.

      I suppose there is a zillion opinions here. Let's hear them, folks. As a therapist in practice since 1982, I have only heard one time a woman say anything about her partner's size or the partner's ability or inability to sustain an erection. The woman's main concern is for the man to continue making love in whatever way gives the woman pleasure and brings her to climax after the man has reached his climax. Sometimes, we just go to sleep like nerds.

      So tell us, why size makes a difference please.