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Long Distance Relationship Problems

Updated on September 11, 2013

Long distance relationship problems are quite common. If you have a relationship that is working long distance, then that is fine but what you have to look for is any sign of danger in the relationship. Here are a few ways to help you identify the problems and find the solution of it.

Communication is the key essence of a relationship

Talk to each other daily and at frequent intervals. If you have any problems discuss with each other and try to solve it out. Often it may happen that discussing your problems will reduce it to half. So, speak out your worries.

Effort should come from both ends

A relationship cannot be maintained by a single person. There should be effort from both sides. If you do not respond to your partner, then he might feel left out. On the other hand, if your partner does not respond to you, you might feel frustrated.

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Don't led your partner on

If your partner reduces to just a task to you, it is better that you do not carry out the relationship. You should give your relation first priority and nothing else. While you are at it, you should never leave out of the conversation. If you find something wrong in your relationship, you should talk to each other.

Things might have been steamy in the beginning of the relationship but having them recently move to another state might be taking a toll on you. In fact, some people even become uninterested in the person just because they are too far away. They need physical touch to stay interested. There is nothing wrong with this.

Be upfront

Be frank with your partner and then only can you expect him/her to be frank with you. If you are suspicious of something and think that the person is not telling you the truth, talk and find out the reason before accusing him/her.

Being upfront with any relationship issues can really help and also open up grounds for communication. All relationships need this. We know you are either chatting via text or talking on the phone every few days or so and this one reason why you shouldn't leave anything left unsaid. Even if you are putting yourself in an uncomfortable position, some things need to be talked about.

Relationships flourish when you have trust

Always trust your partner and at the same time never do anything to break the trust you have or your partner has. Once a trust is broken, it cannot be rebuild it no matter how much you try. So, it is better that you do not break it in the first place.

Keeping these points in mind will help you to be successful in a relationship be it long or short. Also, when you have started a relationship you should think of the problems that might arise when you are separated by distances. It is your responsibility as well as your partners to maintain a successful relationship as a relationship requires two persons for it to work out. So, all the best for your relationship.

Top Reasons why long distance relationships don't work

Here are a few reasons why these types of relationships won't work. We aren't saying you shouldn't continue but you should simply be aware...

  • The inability to talk in person with the one you truly love. The two of you are just too far away from each other.
  • There is also no way to tell if your partner is secretly seeing another person.
  • Without intimate activity, some partners don't feel as close with each other. This is especially true for the men.
  • The two of you can't go to parties, have romantic dinners, or "hang on" in person together like you used to before they moved away.


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