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Long Distance Relationships Tips

Updated on July 15, 2013
Long Distance Relationships
Long Distance Relationships | Source

Melt Away the Distances …..

To be in love is the most beautiful feeling and to live for that feeling every moment is truly amazing. You start changing yourself in small ways, as you want to see the million dollar smile on your beloved’s face. But, when this smile starts fading due to some miles, then being in a relationship becomes challenging and difficult.

I have seen lot of people in long distance relationship who have successfully sustained it for a longer period of time & on the other hand, there are some who couldn’t handle the intricacies of this relation.

Normally, one partner moves to another place because of new job opportunities, higher education or due to hometown leaving behind the other and you can’t afford to fly to meet every weekend.

So now what matter is, commitment & time from both the sides apart from having a trust on each other and valuing other person’s feelings and understanding needs from time to time.

Long distance romances can be worked out, only if one realizes its beauty that yes, there is someone who would take all the pains in traveling miles just to spend few moments with you and to make it special and memorable. You can consider yourself as a princess in a modern fairy tale, waiting for her prince charming to come and woo her.

I think , you become more stronger and understanding when you are in this type of relation as it requires lot of patience because one keeps on craving for the physical presence of the other or to make video calls which is not possible every time. However, whenever two of you will meet, the spark and passion will be fiercer than before and you would not let go your sweetheart away from your eyes.

To keep your romance alive and to not to culminate it into a friendship type love, here are some tips which can lead to even happier, stronger and healthier relationships.

  • Ask the important questions, to make sure you are both clear on the parameters of the relationship.
  • Use Skype video chat calls, text messaging, phone calls and email every day.
  • Do things together like listening to same songs , watching the same TV show etc…
  • Communicate in some way after small intervals every day
  • Pursue common interests, even if it means pursuing them apart so that talks doesn’t falls short
  • Avoid the temptation to be controlling.
  • Try to challenge each other.
  • Discuss about your future together.
  • Try to Visit often.
  • Avoid being jealous & stay positive.
  • Gift a personal object of yours which can remind of you, when your partner misses you.
  • Work towards a balanced relationship between partners.

Remember that you're still in a relationship and nothing can keep you apart, not even miles. It’s you who have to create magic and let love not fade away, do things that your partner likes to keep the love blossom for a lifetime and you can see your candle of love and passion lighted up forever.


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    • Faceless39 profile image

      Kate P 

      7 years ago from The North Woods, USA

      Great hub, and something that is more common these days due to the economy and trying to find jobs. I'll have to face this next fall when I head to school, and my boyfriend will be 3 hours away. I think clear communication is really important!


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