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Looking for a Sexy Wedding Gown?

Updated on November 3, 2014

Wedding Dress Designers That Make the Sexiest Gowns

When it comes to wedding dresses, there are so many options it is easy to get confused. Obviously, every bride wants to look beautiful but an increasing number of women are also getting away from the demure image of the traditional bride and want a gown that is sexy. Virtually all silhouettes offer the capacity to be sexy with the mermaid style one of the best options. Below, we look at some of the best designers when it comes to creating sexy and seductive bridal gowns.


Pnina Tornai

While Tornai doesn’t generate quite the same level of attention as the absolute elite of the industry, she is a very successful designer and creates some of the sultriest bridal gowns around. According to the designer, her creations exhibit the fine line between reality and fantasy and she strives to create illusion.

Her corset style wedding dress is one of the sexiest around and if you are daring enough to wear it without a slip underneath, you really will turn the sexiness meter up a couple of notches! Another naughty but nice Tornai creation is Style 4281 which is a long sleeve number made from chiffon and lace but the real eye-opener is the plunging neckline.Style 4266 is another sensationally sleek wedding dress as its open back, plunging neckline and silk material is perfect for brides who are proud of their bodies.


Zahavit Tshuba

This Israeli fashion designer is known for her evening dresses and wedding gowns and creates designs with a difference. One of her trademarks is the use of silk fabric and special lace imported from Europe and she uses these materials to create bridal gowns that are sexier than the average.

She is an expert at playing with textures and combines corded lace and crochet with tulle and slinky silks to create completely unique pieces. Here we see an example as a sexy corset top is combined with an elegant flowing skirt that hits the floor while delicate accessories adorn the dress. If you are in sensational shape, dare to bare with this shiny gold dress that showcases your toned midriff.



This is another Israeli fashion designer known for creating sexy wedding gowns. Berta creates figure hugging dresses so if you want one of these outfits you need to be in prime shape! Everything Berta designs speaks to a woman’s body; every inch is complemented with the most delicate of Chiffon and every curve is completely and utterly seduced.

This lace sheer wedding dress with a deep v-neck illusion is simply gorgeous and reveals just enough flesh to be naughty but not too much. Her lace bodice gown with sheer long sleeves and bare back is another wonderful creation and really hugs your body with the most delicate of fabrics.

If you want a traditional wedding dress, you may want to avoid the designers above but if you are willing to show off more of yourself and are a confident bride, make a grand entrance wearing a dress from one of the innovative designers above.

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Hi this is Linda. As a woman, of course I'm interested in the most beautiful wedding dresses and these designers make some of the sexiest dresses available. If you're looking for a wedding gown at a good price look into the gowns available at Bride Power.

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