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Looking for love online

Updated on February 1, 2013

Online dating

I have be so unlucky in love. I recently decided to join an online dating site. I uploaded pictures and typed a short but cute bio describing what type of man I am looking for and a brief summary about me. I got a lot of replies. ( I mean I am quite the looker lol) I tried to respond to all the messages. Some dudes I even gave my number and texted. I met one guy whom I though I had a lot in common with, he didn't live too far from me and I think he was cute. Let's call him Mark. We talked on the phone and exchanged texts. He told me he worked nights,he has a few older kids and he's a cancer. ( I am very into signs) I enjoyed speaking to him on the phone and when he suggested we meet up I thought it was a great idea. We agreed to meet on a Wednesday because he was off. We were to first meet at a Walmart then a train station but we ended up meeting at his house. He apartment looked like a bachelor pad, ugly sofa over size tv's ugly dinning table, stereo system etc. He still has the plastic on his mattress!!! ( I will let you know how I know this soon lol). We talked about a whole lot of nothing and drank some Bud light lime a rita. Then I don't know if it was the alcohol or what but when he kissed me I kissed him back and when he started feeling on me I didn't move his hand and when we ended up in his bedroom I didn't say no. We had sex and it was great!!!!! He licked, sucked, chewed and kissed me down below and when he tried to stick it in without a condom we had a problem. It was quickly fixed when he got one and put it on. He stick it in and it was the most amazing 20 minutes. Give or take a few minutes. I took a shower we talked some more, he walked me to the train station and I went home. Halfway to my house he texted me saying he enjoyed being with me and getting to know me. He soon hope to be my one and only and if he had to settle for being number two he didn't mind. I thought that was soo sweet!!. I started liking him I mean really liking him. We text/ talk throughout the day everyday. I send him nude pics we phone sex from time to time. It was going really good. Then a couple of weeks later we planed to get together at his apartment. He asks me if I can come over early because he wanted to sleep/cuddle with me. So I get to his apartment around 8:30am. I bring me something sexy to sleep in and we get in bed of course we mess around first. Then we both doze off. We sleep for about four hours. I wake up around one and I don't have long before I have to go. So I wake him up we mess around again. I wash up, get dressed and prepare to leave. He goes in his kitchen and starts cooking chicken. I ask him if he is going to walk me to the train station he says no, he is too tired. I get upset he tells me it's too early for that. I leave and we haven't talked since. I find this so weird. He hasn't called me and I haven't called him. I thought he would have at least texted and said something to the fact " I'm sorry you mad bad nut you know I work all night" or " babe you know I was tired, sorry I didn't walk you to the train station. I haven't called him because I feel like he should be the one to call. As I rethink it I kind of think it was selfish of me to get mad at him seeing he does work at night and he had to return to work that night. I don't know but I feel like if it wasn't worth it to him to fight for me than he's not worth it to me. So I am single again. Looking for love.


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