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Looks versus Heart-the crux of the matter....

Updated on July 9, 2010

Looks are a factor when hooking up but they are not the most important this is because you need to be attracted to the person you are with.

A relationship is in the first few months kept alive by the physical attraction but that starts to wear off eventually. it is then that you start noticing the little things your man or woman does that makes you want to drinking directly out of the milk bottle or the fact that he is a penny pincher (and not in the good way).

That's when you realize that, love is about being able to put up with all that stuff because at the end of the day he is still the guy who knows how to treat you right...making you feel wanted and appreciated.

Let for a minute take a trip down memory lane.......think back to a time when you had that big blow up over the fact that he didn't want to go out to that new spot that opened in town probably because its not his thing.

But after a few hours maybe even days of pouting he takes you out to dinner...... many of us might think...yeah its the least the dude could have done after refusing to go with me to the club.

However, on the flip side just think for a minute, that cash he spent on you he could have a bought a ticket to go watch a game showing in the area...better yet he could have thought.."to hell with her" and gone out to the local bar and spent the cash on booze with his buddies.

I am not trying to side with anyone here but to try and shed some light on the bigger picture..which is no matter who we date, the ability to keep that fire burning lies not only in how drop dead gorgeous your dude or chick is but in our ability as individuals to identify that we are all different.

Moreover it is in those aha! moments when you feel like you "get" each know that moment when you feel like "i can put up with all the crap because he does make me feel alive"....

I think that's when you know that you have a good relationship.


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