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Losing A Potential Lover Over Theosophy

Updated on June 28, 2017
ACIM regarding judgment
ACIM regarding judgment

I Decided To Talk To You Again, Now That You're Gone

You said: "I know you spend time on this board and wish to help others; that you are earnest here. So am I. Our differences of opinion do not negate that earnestness to help in us."

I said: I have returned to this post written so many months ago, indeed years, as a reference point to my meditation today, as we are no longer communicating through a forum nor even Out of Body in those twilight regions, so often stark with revelation. However on some level, we are in each other's mind, namely, because of the differences of opinion you referenced above. If either one of us become at peace with those differences, namely, A Course In Miracles, the trilogy of text, student manual, and teacher's manual and it's divine source, or it's non-divine source, as is your opinion, I assume both will lay the conflict aside and attain peace of mind, thus having no issues to discuss or correspond with one another.

Perhaps our differences do attract us one to the other. It's a thought.

I assume I am Spirit-led to look at back logs of our talks so that both of us will attain peace of mind. It does not matter that we no longer correspond in the physical world. It does matter what thoughts we carry and generate of one another privately, as we do have connections, soul to soul, whether we are speaking to one another or not.

Wisdom in relationship
Wisdom in relationship

ACIM: I Am Here Only To Be Truly Helpful

So this is an extract from your post to me that I start with. For we had many such correspondences on the forum to draw together into this extract.

In order to speak to you in any form, my private thoughts included or on a forum I must return to ACIM premises for it remains my foundational thought system despite you do not believe it is divinely inspired. The fact is found in the opening reference extract of your post that our commonality is our earnestness, as you put it, to be helpful to others on this forum, referring to their spiritual growth process as well as our own individual process. Therefore we have this sole commonality to go forth with; we are both earnest; and so you say our differences of opinion regarding ACIM'S origination; IE; Christ centered versus solely human personality origins, you say then our earnestness, our commonality is not negated.

I agree with that premise but fail to see where you are going with it as to further correspondence in the same room, the same forum. We can grow together, or we can grow apart, in different rooms, seems to be the choice factor here, and I have made a choice, before we came together that ACIM would be my pathway the rest of my life and into the next, for what we have built here, is demonstrated over there and vice versa. Over yonder is my catch all phrase for the Afterlife zone which is the same as the Out Of Body zone, to me.

Non duality and true love
Non duality and true love

Had To Get Out Of Town By Sundown

Therefore my thought is that the room we were both in was not big enough for the two of us to subsist within and grow in our natural development. I'm speaking of the forum which I supplied with extensive daily energy for nearly 10 years and I called it my spiritual home as I attend no physical church at this time.
To further this thought, I will attempt to explain the choice I made to leave the forum, for your sake but perhaps to the friends unseen who wondered what happened when I left. There were a few who wondered. I think even you didn't have a clue why I left. I am trying to make us both right here, which means I will not endeavor to cast guilt upon you for wrong doing, at the same time I feel I have done nothing wrong by making ACIM my foundation's thought system; quite the contrary, ACIM may have been the only thing I've done right in my life.

Perhaps there is some guilt to look at, that I have been unable to explain sufficiently the transforming value of ACIM. If so, I'm not alone in that respect. Truly, as ACIM says "In my defenselessness I am safe." I know you expected a debate of who's right, who's wrong. It doesn't work that way in my world.

To reiterate a bit, in all my 10 years on the forum ACIM was all the time behind my words as a premise although I rarely mentioned the material itself, it was the reason and inspiration for participation on a forum of this type. I was always and foremost an ACIM teacher/student as well as a backer of the Monroe school of thought, (TMI) which the forum was of course dedicated to and came into being because of TMI premises.

I saw no need to influence others to read ACIM but would of course, if asked, share that I found the material extraordinary helpful to my spiritual quest. I had no need to reveal I was a teacher/student of the material. I had a separate room on the forum where I could expound on ACIM if I wished and that was fine with me. The main thread I might mention the benefits I derived from the material from time to time, if I felt the main thread needed a bit of plumping on a slow day. I felt if spirit could lead me to read ACIM, then spirit could and would lead any other person if and when they were ready for a change in their spiritual life. I do not feel compelled to be my brother's keeper and feel whatever pathway they choose must be correct as there is no right or wrong. This is from Monroe school of thought. There is no right, there is no wrong.

There is however false perception versus true perception and false perception causes much suffering in the world needlessly. There is also angry projections and that too is false perception of a brother or sister.

Changing Our Mind and Free Will
Changing Our Mind and Free Will

You Are A Son Of God, For What Else Can You Be?

Looking back over my life, I see the times I thought I was right, I was wrong, the times I thought I was wrong, I was right, and so there is no wrong or right in the sense all just is and what is unknown shall be known in it's own good time.

So you are not wrong, you are not right, you are just you. The same goes for me. How I see my brother, I will see myself. (ACIM)
I choose your self definition as an earnest player in life, as wishing to be helpful to others in their spiritual endeavors, and shall see you that way, thereby I can accept, I too, am earnest and only here to be truly helpful. (ACIM)

In essence, you may be able to read between the lines here. as you may notice the ACIM reference over and over in brackets; that means I have accepted ACIM premises as my foundational thought.

If I denied ACIM as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I would frankly, have no thoughts whatsoever. Also I suspect I would have no personality! I would have no joy in life, no inspiration, no reason to even stay in physical embodiment, if not to extend the peace of God which I have gained through ACIM. I regret deeply having contacted you in the ozone before I had discovered the material that would change my life. I ask for forgiveness that it was I that first came to you, for you thought the younger version of myself was whom you corresponded with. No, I was matured by ACIM some years after our first out of body experience together.

I ask you, how can the miracle minded be pessimistic, sick, or down on their luck? ACIM will not allow a son of God to express a duality frame of mind.
As well a true ACIM student/teacher can hold no enmity for a brother, no matter what they have done. You can still have the impatience, the anger within, but now you attain the tools of ACIM to recognize how the ego is the part of you that jumps up and down with negative emotions.

The tool is to recognize a son of God cannot be sick, cannot be angry, cannot be a victim, as this is not how God sees his son in any sort of lack, and so you should not allow the ego to make you feel guilty over any situation which develops. Yet it is important to find the root of all guilt and give it a hard look.

I am a thought of God (ACIM)
I am a thought of God (ACIM)

The ego works with the tools of deception to it's own end, to promote itself above the concerns of others. The ego loves to feel in control. It loves to feel powerful.

These are not the gifts of God in the teachers manual of ACIM. The ego will even claim to be an earnest seeker of God itself, while ACIM will tell you that you need not seek to be anything as salvation has come while you dream of separation from God.

If I may but preach to my own self here, we need to awaken to who and what we really are. To awaken from the dream that the suffering and mayhem, murder and rape is anything but a nightmare. If it is not eternal, it is not real and shall pass. But love, that is eternal and love is the treasure you store up in the heavenly banks.

The ways of the world lead but to the glorification of death; however, upon dying we discover our same world continues to be apparent and surrounding us on the other side of life in the body. So that if we had a conflict with another whereby there is anger or negation of any sort, it carries over to the next life for resolving sooner or later. For instance, victim and perpetrator are bound together, until there is mutual insight, that it was a power game, that in truth God does not even notice the conflict but is ever willing to allow the prodigal son to return to his starting place.

That is what you meant when you posted privately to me, that perhaps none of this matters in the end, that once we arrive on the other side we would find we are the same, as one, the brotherhood of mankind. Then you went on to say NO MATTER WHAT happens, to keep to the Love principle.

So you see, you were talking ACIM when you said keep to love. You know this stuff even while you argue that it cannot be divine or Christ inspired. Who but the Christ would declare the son of God to be Love? Who but Jesus could speak this with conviction? Who but those one with Jesus, with Christ, could speak with love, for love's sake and with conviction that you are Love, and that their own self is Love, and naught else?

And yet man's ego can deny love, and it's effects in the world quite easily for a time. This note is an expression of love itself, for I refuse my ego's satisfaction to try and make you appear wrong. I refuse to give you my anger, for my anger is but an illusion (ACIM) or but a fear that my words shall not reach you. I know you will be glad that I am attempting to speak of Christ's love, the same love that is in me, as I have accepted it as so. You will be glad I am not angry with you. Now I can see you in the truth that Christ sees you and in the light of my giving forth, my giving, the fore--giving; I give within the atonement unfolding all over the world.

There I am, in the midst of your joining
There I am, in the midst of your joining

Vaya Con Dios I Will Remember You

It's not a personal love that unfolds between us. Christ love is for all, the wise and the unwise, the cruel and the kind, for the world the ego has made will disintegrate shortly and a new world will arise before our eyes; we have only to practice patience and faithfulness to begin to see the miracle as a commonplace happening, yet ever so grateful we can be that a miracle is healing the separation between man and God, that particular illusion that we can be separate from what has created us.

Although I do not claim to be a Christian, yet you may wonder why I use Christian terms. It is because The Course is written in these terms and I have nary a substitute language for my use. You may wish to substitute the word God with the word Source. A rose by a different name is still a rose.

And now finally I say goodbye until we meet again and you might be able to see, that I have fulfilled your request to keep to the Love. The highest Love. The Love I know that refuses to judge you by ego standards. ACIM taught me this. Regards, your out of body friend, Alysia.


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    • LaughingRain profile imageAUTHOR

      Alysia McAlister 

      2 years ago from Arizona

      thanks manatita for reading.

    • manatita44 profile image


      2 years ago from london

      An interesting piece, Alysia.

      Some important dialogue going on. God bless you all.


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