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Lost Myself in Love

Updated on July 1, 2017

I lost myself in the chaos,

The way life threw me curves,

I could not handle the stress,

So I turned inward on myself.

I got caught up in the games

Men’s sweet words swept me away

I lost who I was in the starlight

I did things that was not right.

My faith, my foundation was shattered

The innocence of childhood dreams

The temptations of life I gave into

I disappointed God over and over again.

Now at the season of a new birthday

A new year awaits

How do I get back to my 12 year old self?

Who knew me so well.

How do I get back to love?

The transition from girl to woman

Is at the midpoint of life,

How do I get back to the daughter of Christ?

Yes, my friends I lost myself in him

I lost myself in bad choices and decisions

I lost myself in trying to fly

Thinking I was grown, but not yet with wisdom.

How do I reconcile and get back to me?

How do I accept the life I have?

But find my peace within my heart,

How do I find the inspiration in my art?

Time will give me what I need,

God will never leave me

Even though I have changed

He has not

I lost myself in me

But I find myself in He.


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