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The Kentuckiana (Greater Louisville) Budget Wedding Guide.

Updated on June 3, 2014

Location, Location, Location

First of all; where are you going to have your special day. This after all is the most special day in your life. So, you'll want to avoid smog; traffic and attitude. You'll want views, relaxation and awesome atmosphere, but how to do this on your salary?

For budget friendly booking; you can book a Church. Many of these are free to members or their family members. If the Church doesn't have room for the reception or if you want drinking and rock music that would certainly be inappropriate, then you can separate the two and rent a Moose or Elk lodge. Your guests will just have to travel in-between. You will definitely want a Limo if you take this route.

If the weather is nice; you could also have the reception outdoors on your own or a friend's personal property. I would opt for a Large White Wedding Canopy and a Bug Zapper; otherwise it'll feel more like a corn hole tournament than a Wedding Reception.

Better still, have you considered driving just across the bridge? Instead of trying to jump off of it. The Sunny-side of Louisville offers a few unique venues that you will find affordable, convenient with a more relaxing atmosphere and reduced smog than some of the Louisville based venues.

We are going to review 3 potential locations; just across the river that will knock your socks off; and still save you money.

Lakeside Reflections

Bride with Swans
Bride with Swans | Source

Lakeside Reflections

One of the best values that is located just across the river if Jeffersonville's Lakeside Reflections. They offer a one stop shop philosophy that provides for your Ceremony, and Reception. You get a D.J, Full Service Bar and Catering all inclusive.

Yes, you still have to get your Dress, Videographer/Photographer and Limo. However, you have anti-smog and relaxation covered. Your ceremony is in a lovely outdoor Gazebo. They have a beautiful lake with 2 Swans (Romeo & Juliet) for some great Photos of your special Day.

Huber's Orchard and Winery

Just a Little further into Hoosier land; up atop of the Floyd's Knobs exists a nifty little Winery and Orchard called Huber's.

Huber's offers a few locations for your event. You can choose their Plantation Hall with Catering or for the Truly budget minded; you can get Hitched in a Barn.

You have a nice vineyard as the backdrop. No smog; however it is a little windy. You also get some views of the Louisville skyline in select places up there. The last wedding that I attended there had Campaign Chicken that was "to die for" good!

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Clifty Inn

Why not make your special day a special week-end. Just 45 minutes from the Kennedy bridge is Clifty Falls State Park & The Clifty Inn.

The Inn has a beautiful terrace with views of the Ohio River. There is a full restaurant inside. A game room with checkers, and a line of rocking chairs a mile long. You also get hiking trails, tennis courts, beautiful views of the famous Clifty Falls, a nature center, playgrounds and Frisbee fields, BBQ pits and a swimming pool with water slide.

Clifty Falls is a great outlet if you would like to make your event a week-end. Your traveling guests are right there at the hotel the entire time. It's quite nice and convenient. It's also affordable.

The Cake

For the Cake; you should consider ordering cupcakes from Kroger, Walmart or wherever. And only ordering the Small Top layer with Topper from your choice of bakery designers.You then have them all placed on a pedestal, and it will look like you did it on purpose; because you did.

This will allow you to have a traditional cake for the cutting ceremony with cake to face fun. You also get to feed everyone an affordable piece of cake (cupcake) and you get to save money!

Photographer & Videographer

There is only one outlet to call for a Budget oriented imaging services. Eagle Eye Productions.

They offer a photo-video combo package that is budget friendly. Basically the Combo is nearly a buy one get one free or half priced package.

This is offered from an Indy film company, so you get quality and affordability. They have Pro Grade Camera equipment, unlike some of the other vendors. Martha Stewart has them featured as a 5 star Wedding Vendor.

Check out the sample video from a few years ago. This was before they had upgraded to the High Definition videos that you get today. You get 3 DVDs in full colored cases with full color disc faces. A Custom DVD menu, Video Guest book, and a custom music video of highlights of your Special day that you can post on facebook.

The package comes with 200+ pictures that are water mark free on a thumb drive; so you can get as many prints as you want printed at Walgreen's, Walmart or wherever.

This is built for cost savings and efficiency. Eagle Eye books up pretty fast, so contact them as early as possible to see if they are open.

You can also add on Green Screen and After Effects packages to give your imaging the quality that only the Stars have. Of course that costs extra.


In Conclusion

In Conclusion, to save money you have to be smart and savvy. You don't necessarily have to sacrifice quality. Every outlet that we discussed is a good choice for both value and quality.

Eagle Eye Productions services all the locations that we discussed without charging for travel. They will travel to Cincinnati, Knoxville or St. Louis at a higher rate.

You will want to personally tour each of these outlets before booking. You will want to see the views that each have to offer. The size of the dance floor may look larger or smaller in a photo.

*See the below example for a dance floor pan shot.

Pan photo of Lakeside Fountain Room
Pan photo of Lakeside Fountain Room | Source

Clifty Falls State Park


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