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Love And Relationship Tips-Suck Up Before Its Too Late

Updated on May 10, 2011

Love And Relationship Tips-What Qualifies Me To Write About It

Well, when it comes to love and relationship tips I think after 21 years of marriage I have some experience in getting things right.

Some may call me a prude or pantie whipped because a big guy like me is writing about mushy love tips. Well the biggest tip I have ever followed is I have never been scared to tell my wife how much I love her and I have never been embarrassed to express my feelings to her.

When I first came to HubPages I initially new that at some point or another I would write about relationship topics just because I am so proud of how my wife and I have been able to make it through everything and succeed in not only our relationship but love as well.

Four months ago I started writing tips and elaborating on them. At this point I have about 100 (give or take). So I guess now is as good as a time as any to get started on a series of hubs helping people with their relationships.

Yes I will also be promoting a book. Im not like so many of those other people that just pick something and run with it. When I promote something it means I have actually bought it and I really think it is a book worth getting. You can see the book at Love And Relationship Tips. If you like it then don't be scared to get it because it really is a great book. However no matter what you decide to do just keep coming back and reading the tips.

Love And Relationship Tips-Why This Topic

Through out the years that my wife and I have been married we have watched so many couples go through failed relationships.  Some of them more than once and one person has gone through at least 4 failed marriages in the time my wife and I have been together.

I have absolutely no degrees or anything like that.  My advice is real life advice.  Its advice from experiences and stuff my wife have witnessed and talked about through out the years.  That has actually been probably the biggest thing.  We talk, communication is as important as it gets.  If there is no communication then you are about to hit a dead end and not be able to turn around.

Society has made divorce so easy and acceptable that people find divorce easier than actually working things out.  You can find love and relationship tips any where.  The thing is what you do with them is what will make the difference.  It does take two to tangle and both parties have to want to make the relationship work.

My wife told me I was walking out on a limb writing about relationships.  She thinks many Hubbers will look at me weird like here is this big outdoor kind of guy writing about stuff like love.  I don't care really about what people think though.  I mean when I say that I mean I am not too proud to tell the world how much I love my wife and what we have done to make a relationship a great relationship.

Love And Relationship Tips-Its Not All Easy

When I talk about love and relationship tips you need to understand that it does require effort and hard work.

Trust me when I say we have been through some pretty trying times in our marriage.  Hell there were even times we didn't think our relationship would last.  The thing is we knew we were not going to give up with out trying to figure out where the problems were and how we could fix them.

It really is easy to be a part of a relationship when everything is going good.  The challenges come into play when things start to get out of the norm.  Too many people go into a marriage thinking that it will always be like the honeymoon.

They never consider things like money, children, bills and all the other nuances of life.  So be prepared to work on your relationship.  Be prepared to have good and bad times.

There are certain times when a marriage just cant be fixed and that is a fact of life.  However for the most part the 50% divorce rate doesn't have to be so high. 

I am hoping with the love and relationship tips I am going to provide some people may just be able to take a second, look around and maybe give things one more chance.  Or for relationships that are not in trouble just use some of these tips to keep the fire burning.

Love And Relationship Tips-What To Expect

Once again 4 months ago when I joined Hubpages I knew my relationship experience would make for some great hubs.

I will try and make it not to boring for you guys and even try and add a bit of humor. Whether you like the hubs or not feel free to let me know.

Also once again through out this series I have one wonderful ebook that I do recommend. Like I said earlier I really have to think the ebook is worthy to promote it and this is one I really like.

Visit Love And Relationship Tips to get the book or just move on and read or watch for my next hub.


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