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Love And Relationships - How To Keep Your Love Alive

Updated on July 10, 2010

If you are one of the lucky ones and you are in a healthy relationship you may want to know a few things that could help you to keep the love that you have for your partner alive and exciting. The worse thing that can happen to a couple is when each person takes the other one for granted. When you first meet, there is an instant attraction. This can come from many different factors. You could have made initial eye contact and been immediately attracted to each other for some time and realised that you really connected personality wise. Whatever the factors that brought you together were, you have to consciously work at it in order to ensure a life long romance.

Understand Your Differences & Accept Them

This is important. We are always hearing about how people meet and fall in love then get very irritated by certain things that one partner does or doesn’t do. The actual fact is that you chose to ignore these little habits before and you may have even found them endearing. You have to remember that this was part and parcel of the person you fell in love with so you are the one who has to do the work in order not to get angry at what they do naturally.

Everyone needs to work on their no matter what age you are
Everyone needs to work on their no matter what age you are

Always Give Praise Where Praise Is Due

If you notice that your partner has done something that they do not normally do, your immediate reaction should be to say thank you and to really show your appreciation. Everyone likes to be told that they are doing something right and that they are wonderful. This is very important, particularly in long term relationships. It is all too easy to take each other for granted.

Next time your partner does something out of the ordinary, don’t let your first reaction be one of suspicion. Embrace the gesture with an open heart and enjoy it. Not only will you benefit but your partner will also feel elevated and reassured that all is well with your world, your lives and your love.

Falling in love is the easy bit. Everything is new and exciting. Staying in love is where the hard work really begins but if you both work at it together you will have a wonderful life filled with beautiful memories and mutual respect. Happy loving.


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