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Love Beyond All Words

Updated on November 8, 2013

What Does Love Mean?

(Floral Wedding Designs by ladybluewriter) Love lights up the world!
(Floral Wedding Designs by ladybluewriter) Love lights up the world!
Love just is. Surprisingly this little girl Doxie thinks my Chiweenie is her little boy to fuss over.
Love just is. Surprisingly this little girl Doxie thinks my Chiweenie is her little boy to fuss over.
The picture is of the author and her husband. The early years. when both spent their life teaching children and dedicated to loving a family..
The picture is of the author and her husband. The early years. when both spent their life teaching children and dedicated to loving a family..


I thought today that I would take on the challenge of my life and to embark on the voyage or destiny into the sea of love.. The waters are deep and the ocean is wide. The sea can be treacherous or compassionate giving forth life substance. We look at love within us, and it is a four letter word that we learn from the first moment a mother holds her child in her arms and snuggles it close, or so it should be. In our world that we live in those things are not guaranteed. From the womb the child grows to become a teenager, and in that essence they are thinking ninety miles and hour about things like sex and whether or not it is right or wrong. Sometimes that first kiss of the opposite sex sets off a new outlook and values go down the tubes. Then there are those who do not give in to the pressures of love. Is it love or is it hormones running away? Most authoritarians on the subject call it puberty. Surprise...surprise ... some teens think it is love.

If you live past puberty, then you begin to grow as a young adult. Love is always on the mind, and not to mention the life pressures of getting out of the house and getting a job. The young adult begins to date and feel more pressure of the rights and wrongs of life. Sometimes love is mistaken for sex. If the sex is good and what they call love is going right, then sometimes they get married or as some say, "I live with my baby momma". I never heard that mentioned until I came to Oklahoma and not only have I heard it once but many times over. i am thinking that was not my values in life. I made commitments of love. Of course, I taught many children in public school that had babies in high school and were not married. So that part I have heard,but most of them had them and no thought of the father of their children taking on responsibility of parenting. I am sorry but this author thinks love is a commitment of those that bring children into this world. Love is responsibility to those children. They deserve to know love from the time they are born. Actually love begins in the womb, and when you talk to your baby, then it knows it is loved. It comes into this world knowing the parents that love it. I have no words for those of you that give birth and toss your baby aside to fend for itself. If it is lucky maybe it will get a new life, but most of the time these babies suffer life long scares that cannot be undone unless someone gets past the hurt and pain to bring love to that child. After loving children of others as I have, then I know their pain they felt inside was beyond words. I have also come to know that others that have had parents on drugs and let their siblings become molested at a young age or prostituted, and how do you tell them that love is real. They only see the scares and pain brought to them by none other than their parents that should have had love to give.

Yes....What is love? Is it a one night stand, or is it more? Is it a crush or a madness of hormones inside? It is really neither of those things. Love is knowing you belong in the heart to someone and you commit every living moment in life to the pride of being loved or loving another. That is the love of two people. I am proud to say at 28 years old that we both married and knew where our relationship was going. We were friends and cared about each other everyday before we ever got to dating or serious passion. My husband was no crush, because I had them before, and knew I would never commit to that type of love. If you have to fight or disagree every time about something or other, then that is not love people. Love feels all, bares all, suffers ups and downs, and feels losses, and can rebuild on disappointments and let downs.

Love seeks to give and not take all the time. i am proud to say I am headed toward 37 years of marriage with just one man in my life. It is called growing together and living through all things. I always told my husband that there is nothing in life that I would not sacrifice for him. Can you say that in your life? Love is not one sided , as I have seen in many marriages, and that is why there are chart making statistics on all the divorces out there. Love never takes advantage of the other person. Love is not buried in alcohol nor drugs. How can anyone addicted to such things feel the real person to love? It simply does not happen. I once counseled a young man on turning up a bottle of Vodka every time he felt life an emotional issue was coming on with his soul mate. Truth is that was not his real soul mate.

A soul mate is in touch with the essence of you. You can feel the joy, appreciate the beautiful nature within each other, feel the compassion for whatever it is that they care about. A true soul mate is mated for life. It is not a one night stand, a two year trial of love in marriage, and it is not hurting your off spring. And if you take love to its highest peak level in love, then you have a oneness that is not explained nor is it ever ended for stupid reasons. When you walk into the life of your soul mate with the help of God, then everyday you make commitments is a new beginning and filled with happiness and hope. I am not saying you will not worry or have rainy days, but you will certainly survive them. I know my husband came down with a brain tumor and had to go through that. So the things and times you least expect it, then you cannot endure that kind of spiritual being, or living as one unless you can pick up the pieces and help your soul mate go on. I did and I had just adopted a premature baby, and had a little 5 year old daughter of my own to take care of. I remember the months of life struggle and taking them with me to a hospital to see their dad in Emory University hospital in Atlanta. It was like a 50 mile drive everyday. This was on and off for several months. My husband was leaking brain fluid, and it was complications that we had to return to the hospital for. Our love helped us through it, and that was over 22 years ago. Our spirit is so bonded that we go beyond all things to seek that compassion we feel inside for not only ourselves but our children as well. I pray every day for our world that love is truly a thing understood and stood up for. Children need that love. Men and women everywhere need to find just one person that can make their soul feel complete, and someone that you can like before you say you love them. Love is for eternity in my book. No matter where we end up in life, then I can feel the spirit of my husband within my soul.


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    • ladybluewriter profile image

      ladybluewriter 4 years ago from United States

      Love is priceless and should be forever.

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      farwa 1994 6 years ago