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Love Birds Wedding Accessories

Updated on March 12, 2014
Love Birds Wedding Accessory Set
Love Birds Wedding Accessory Set | Source
Coordinates perfectly with the Love Birds Accessories Shown Above!
Coordinates perfectly with the Love Birds Accessories Shown Above! | Source

Love Bird Accessories

When you want to add a little romantic charm to a garden or woodland wedding, a love birds theme is the perfect choice. Above you can see a wedding accessory collection that features a pair of lovebirds sitting atop a branch. The collection has a muted brown, green and tan color scheme making it a great choice no matter when your wedding will be held. Besides the standard accessories like a ring pillow, flower basket, and bridal garter, you can also find wedding stationery that fully coordinates with those accessories. The love bird wedding stationery shown to the right is available in 4 colors (including the one shown) and includes 28 different items such as invitations, save the date cards, water bottle labels, thank you cards, and personalized favor hang tags. With all these items that coordinate perfectly, you will be able to carry your theme throughout the entire day.

Love Bird Damask Accessory Set
Love Bird Damask Accessory Set | Source
Love Bird Damask Stationery Collection
Love Bird Damask Stationery Collection | Source
Love Bird Damask Aisle Runner
Love Bird Damask Aisle Runner | Source

Love Bird Damask Accessories

You can add a little drama and elegance to a love bird themed wedding with this traditional accessory collection that features a chic damask pattern. The black and white pattern incorporates a floral design with delicate hearts and two love birds to create a truly artistic and beautiful damask. The timeless and dynamic black and white design is used on all the items in the collection including the wedding guestbook, ring pillow, and flower basket.

The accessory set can be paired with the matching Love Bird Damask Stationery Collection for a truly elegant and cohesive look! As you can see in the photos to the right, you can purchase countless items that feature the identical love bird damask pattern utilized in the accessory collection. Stationery selections include love bird invitations, reception table numbers, favor box wraps, heart-shaped container stickers and much more.

In addition to the accessory and stationery collection, you can purchase additional items such as personalized aisle runners and wedding direction signs with the love bird damask pattern as well. The options are truly endless!

Love Birds Silhouette Wedding Collection
Love Birds Silhouette Wedding Collection | Source
Love Bird Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
Love Bird Salt & Pepper Shaker Set | Source

Love Birds Silhouette Collection

The love birds silhouette accessory collection shown above features white satin items like a wedding guestbook, ring pillow and flower basket that have silk-screened artwork depicting a pair of love birds resting on a tree branch with brown and aqua blue accents. The romantic pattern make it a great choice when you want to pair it with other brown or aqua blue accents.

If you choose this accessory collection, you could carry the theme into other areas of the wedding by utilizing items such as love birds wedding favors. Countless favor options featuring a love bird motif are available at online stores including Wedding Favors Unlimited. In the photo to the right, you can see a pair of nesting love bird-shaped salt and pepper shakers in a blue box. Other unique favor options include bottle stoppers, drink coasters, wooden birdhouses and more all with a pair of lovebirds.

Love Birds Wedding Favor Ideas

Classic White Love Bird Accessory Set
Classic White Love Bird Accessory Set | Source

Classic White Love Bird Accessory Set

The fourth option for a wedding accessory set with a love bird theme is the classic white one with silver accents shown above. Inspired by a pair of charming love birds, this timeless collection will end an air of romance to your big day. The various pieces in the collection utilize a white and gray matte stin fabric that is embroidered with the affectionate pair of love birds in varying positions on each and every piece. Buy all five pieces (guest book, pen set, flower basket, ring pillow and garter) for a cohesive look at your wedding.

Birdcage Card Holder
Birdcage Card Holder | Source
Love Birds Contemporary Cake Topper
Love Birds Contemporary Cake Topper | Source

Love Bird Themed Accessories

Beyond the standard collection pieces (e.g. ring pillows, flower baskets, guest book and pen sets) like the ones shown in the above 4 collections, you can find many additional accessories that also capture the romantic love birds motif.

For example, Wedding Favors Unlimited offers a wide array of birdcage cardholders including the one shown to the right that has a set of metal love birds as part of the cage frame itself. They also sell love bird themed wish cards for your guests to write their well-wishes before dropping them into the cage.

In addition, love bird themed wedding cake topper options abound. To the right, you can see a pair of affectionate love birds embracing to create a contemporary topper that would be an excellent choice for a love bird wedding theme.

Above you saw just one example of a love bird damask aisle runner, but many personalized options are available to create a unique aisle runner embellished with a pair of love birds.

When it comes to accessories, there is no end to the number of beautiful love bird themed options that are available so have fun finding items that suit your color scheme, theme, and budget!


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    • Nicole S profile image

      Nicole S Hanson 5 years ago from Minnesota

      Love birds is such a cute theme! I've seen it done once before and it was adorable. Very sweet and charming. Great hub!

    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 5 years ago from Minnesota

      Gorgeous ideas here. I think the love birds theme is so cute, and so fitting for a wedding as well! It'd be especially beautiful at a spring wedding when the birds are first out chirping and singing. Great ideas!