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Love Compatibility for Pisces

Updated on October 14, 2010


Pisces are very well known for their sensual behavior and thoughts. They have strong beliefs on myths and mysteries. If you have birth date lying in between 20th February to 20th march, your sign is Pisces. For these people compatibility of love is very strong with few signs while it is worst for few.
Pisces most compatible with: Cancer, Taurus.
Pisces most incompatible with: Gemini, Sagittarius.
Pisces and Aries: This couple is completely different from each other but can form a strong relationship. Aries is dominant while Pisces want someone to depend on. A good relation is possible with compromise.
Pisces and Taurus: It forms a happy couple, as Taurus can prove a very good caretaker for Pisces. Relation will be dominated by Taurus but will provide security to Pisces which is his/her primary need.
Pisces and Gemini: Gemini always believes in self-advancements and is very social which is in complete contrast with Pisces who are introvert in nature. Love compatibility for this couple is certainly low which can always disturb relationship.
Pisces and Cancer: It is an example of ideal couple with high love compatibility. Pisces expect protection from partner and Cancer expects love. Both these expectations are fulfilled in this relationship. They form a very strong bond assuring long-lasting marriage.
Pisces and Leo: Love compatibility is quiet low. Leo is much more ambitious compared to the introvert nature of Pisces.
Pisces and Libra: Libra is independent and loves independent people. The relation that looks good at the beginning gets ruined due to Pisces’s nature of relying on others.
Pisces and Virgo: This relation has the capability to last long even if compatibility of love does not assure it. If a few adjustments are made, the couple can remain happy in life.
Pisces and Scorpio: This is “must marry” relationship. Pisces dependency on other and Scorpio’s possessiveness act as the backbone of relationship.
Pisces and Sagittarius: Love compatibility is almost zero. Independent Sagittarius demands a partner with similar qualities, which are lacking in case of Pisces.
Pisces and Capricorn: The relation first looks weak but it strengthens as Pisces starts relying on Capricorn. Capricorn expects nothing but little admiration from Pisces and it leads to successful marriage life.
Pisces and Aquarius: Pisces complex behavior and constant demand for proof of loyalty upsets Aquarius people. Relation can only sustain if Aquarius feels comfortable with it.
Pisces and Pisces: This relation is mostly based on sexual satisfaction. Sensitive thinking of both people in pair can take more time to solve problem.


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