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Love Coupons for Him: 6 Sexy Gifts

Updated on April 11, 2013

6 Sexy or Romantic Gifts for Him and Yourself

Looking for a funny, sexy, naughty or cute gift for him? Try a love coupon... There are a variety of booklets available with a wide range of love coupons so you can pick just the booklet that's right for your boyfriend or husband.

Love Coupons for Him

These adorable love coupons are well liked by the both those who give them and who receive them. The coupons are for little chores or sweet services like foot massages or something creative involving quality time together.

It's also a great way to give yourself a little nudge to be a little more romantic at times. To be honest I can use it at times. These coupons make you accountable and you put in some effort to enjoy a few hours together.

More Love Coupons for Him

Sexy Coupons for your Boyfriend or Husband

Looking for coupons that are a little bit more naughty? These sexy coupons will spice things up. They are great if you just like to see a very big smile on your guy's face or if you want to infuse your lovelife with some new fire.

You would like some variety to the good old usual? These coupons "force" you too to be creative and go out of your standard comfort zone. And it's the coupon that makes you do it so there's no embarassment! If you don't like a coupons, here's a tip just tear it out before you give the booklet away... psst don't tell anyone.

Why coupons are a great gift

They are a funny casual gift that is different then the normal gifts

They are very affordable and if you are in a tight spot they are a great gift because you give your time, commitment and love away instead of money you don't have right now

Coupons are a lot of little gifts and will make for many fun hours or nights. Research show experience gifts are long term better remembered and enjoyed more... These are booklets full of experiences.

Coupons are a casual and fun way to challenge the things as they are and to have a great tool to change things up and if you don't like it, you blame the coupons!

I got to be a big fan of these booklets and recommend you to try it out. See if you like them, if it works for you. For me it did but if it doesn't there isn't much harm done.


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    • gosupress profile image

      Bram 4 years ago from Amsterdam

      Haha, you are right of course, at first I didn't know what you meant. It's corrected.

    • profile image

      Beth37 4 years ago

      I like this... I do think the word is "psst" though. :)