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Love Days in Korea

Updated on April 10, 2013

Every 14th day of the month is actually a special day for Korean couples particularly for the teenagers. They have:


14th of January as Diary Day

As Koreans usually write diaries, couples on this day exchange yearly planners in which they mark their special days like anniversaries, birthdays, plans and other significant dates.

14th of March as White Day

It's a day for boys to give back (also, further explanations below…^^)

14th of February as Valentine's Day

Unlike other countries, this day is especially for boys (further explanations below…^^)

14th of April as Black Day

It is also known as Single’s Day (again, further explanations below…^^)

14th of May as Rose Day/Yellow Day

Rose Day : a day for lovers to present rose to express their affection, or have a date at a place where there are roses.

Yellow Day: the day when those who didn’t manage to eat black noodles on Black Day go to eat yellow curry rice and hope to get out of it (being single). Like black day, some people wear yellow clothes, yellow shoes and eat yellow snacks like bananas, etc.

14th of June as Kiss Day

Well, it’s obvious… ^^ It's a day for couples to express their love by kissing.

14th of July as Silver Day

It's a day for lovers to exchange gifts made of silver such as accessories(mostly couple ring as a sign of commitment) or necklace, key chain and so on.

14th of August as Green Day

This day is for lovers to walk hand in hand around the woods or forests both wearing green clothes. Singles usually drink Soju (which is sold in green bottles) to console themselves for not finding someone to be with them on that day

14th of September as Music and Photo Day

Couples, during this day, usually go to Samcheon-dong, Insa-dong or any other lovely areas to take pictures together to keep the memories of their love. After that, they go out with friends in the evening to a place called 노래방 Noraebang (singing room or karaoke room) or other places with music to enjoy the night.

14th of October as Wine Day

Couples go to a nice restaurant, drink a glass (or bottle) of wine over a romantic dinner. Some decide whether the two of them are really meant to be or marriage material. Singles, anyway, drink away their sorrows.

14th of November as Movie Day/Orange Day

It is as simple as going out to see a movie with your beloved and drink some orange juice.

14th of December as Hug Day

Couples spend this day hugging each other. You can do that to everyone you love, anyway. ^^

Though every 14th day of each month is a special love-related day in Korea, there would be no day that could be more known than these three special days:

February 14 as Valentine’s Day

It’s actually same as in other countries. Love Day. Expressing love and affection. Chocolates. It’s just that the girls do all the giving. Girls give chocolates to guys. Hand-made chocolates are given to the guys that they like to express their affection while chocolates from stores are given to some other guys in their lives.

March 14 as White Day

It’s a continuation of Valentine’s Day though guys, on this day, should reciprocate the gifts or chocolates they received from gals (during the Valentine’s Day). However, boys can give candies not only to their girls but also to their friends and co-workers as a kind gesture as well. Most of my students usually give me Chupa-chups lollipops during this love-related day.

Jajangmyeon | Source

April 14 as Black Day

On this day, SINGLES who didn’t receive anything last Valentine’s Day or White Day will spend time with their single friends and eat ‘Chinese noodles with black sauce’ called Jajangmyeon. Sometimes, they dress all-black (shirt, pants, shoes, even nail-polish for girls.) However, this Black Day is not as popular as the previous two (Valentine’s Day and White Day.)

Other Special Days in Korea


Proposal Day (100 days before Christmas Day)
~~> Boy or girl expresses his/her affection to someone he/she likes by merely uttering the words "I like you" and sometimes it goes with flowers, chocolates or any presents he/she wants to give.

Samgyeopsal Day (March 3)
~~> 'Sam' means number 3 in Korean so March 3 is also considered as 'Samgyeopsal' day. Usually, it is when the whole family eats samgyeopsal and enjoy the time together. Close friends can do it, too.


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    • Cyjh profile image

      Cyjh 4 years ago from Manila

      Yeah.... so much! :)

      My students usually have celebrations almost every other week and I don't even understand most of those special days they do have... (Because those are just ordinary days for non-Koreans.. hoho!)

      Thanks for the comment... ^^

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i love reading your hub. Koreans are fantastic people who love to create events for each other. Voted up