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Love Gas

Updated on November 12, 2012

This is a funny article of love



This element was discovered centuries ago by a well known scientist Mr. Heart.

Position or periodoc table

As far as position in periodic table as concerned due to multidimensional properties of love gas, no particular place has been given to it in the periodic table.


It is one of the most widely occurring gas through out the universe. It is round in large quantities in the hearts of poets and novelists. The heart of school and college students are the most common source of love gas. However traces of this element are found in the heart of every creature.


Love gas is produced when the rays of beauty strikes on the retina of a person at ordinary temperature. Gentle, sweet and affectionate words act as a catalyst.

Conditions of preparations

For the preparation of this gas the essential apparatus is a cinema hall or a public place when two hearts meet, love peak is produced at a high temperature with dazzling light.


1. Love gas is colorless pleasant smelling gas, with a sweet taste at normal temperature and pleasure.

2. The variety produced by the college method may create trouble if inhaled in excess.

3. It is no-combustible.

4. It produces Hysteria, day drawing and other related diseases.

5. It produces happiness, sadness and sometimes madness.


It is often for extracting money. It is also used to get secrets from the enemy.


However according to new research, if love gas is inhaled in excess, a man may lose his heart due to feelings. But is the lost his nose, he loses his character in bargain


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