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Love Is Just a Word Until Someone Comes And Gives It Meaning

Updated on April 6, 2011

If I ever knew that love could be so hard and so sweet in the same moment, if I ever knew that for love i could do more than i m able, would i ever allow myself to love him...would i have influence on it?!?

I had that "imperfection" that was bothering my love perfection and it was called sad long distance. I have no words to describe how hard it was to miss someone you love and to pretend that everything is fine.

At the beginning, main support was when I was telling to everyone around me "we love each other, and we will survive this"...and i lied, to myself. I was pretending and deep inside of me I was burning little by little. I was living in same house with man of my life for five years and I had to let him go, I was obliged to...

Distance is so makes you think that you are forgotten, it makes you feel lonely no matter how much other person is insisting to be close to you. I was not engaged, I was not married and I was alone hundreds thousands kilometers far. But I had "something" and it was LOVE.

Love is beautiful and the biggest sin is to separate two people in love. I never trusted that I could be able to become person as I am now. Love changed me, made me better and I m proud on myself. Everything is different in two and all weight of life seems more light.

Now when I think about love, i don't remember only smile...i remember that for love we had to sacrifice and we had to resist, to be patient and full of understanding cause, as we say, the best comes at the end..that's the only truth.

I must add...I M VERY HAPPY NOW...


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