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Love Language ( the four T's)

Updated on April 13, 2011

Just like our own penmanship or the way we carry ourselves or the kind of music we adore...people vary in the way they express themselves. We are uniquely brought into this world by our parents. And no matter who you are, there is none like you – believe it or not!

The same is true in our manner of expressing our love. It may be the love of a mother or father to her/his son/daughter or a child to his/her parents, or the love of a husband to his wife ( and vice versa). There’s also the love of a person to his/her friend or the love for a relative...suffice it to say that man is capable of loving : some to a greater depth or intensity and yet to others, there could be a seemingly shallow kind of love.

Actually, I am about to share the different languages of LOVE : the four (4) T’s :

1.       Talk – Most, if not all people I know  expresses  their love through words.

2.       Touch – some people like to embrace, to hug, to hold hands to express how they  feel  for the person they love. Touch can also go beyond physical. It can be having an impact in the life of the person you love. You “touch” him with your thoughtfulness, your concern, your prayers , your patience and understanding.

3.       Task – these are the practical acts of service.  Repairing a leaking roof in the house, or fixing him/her a cup of coffee, doing the laundry for him, walking the dog, washing the dishes, running an errand.  This act of service is a language of love.

4.       Treasure – little “something” that we like to give to make the other person happy. You know, like buying roses for your wife ( or gf) or giving your spouse the ipad he’s been wanting to buy. A simple dress on her birthday or a nice watch for him on your anniversary.

I am sure everyone of us can relate to what I am saying. As a matter of fact, for most of us, we do this everyday.  This has become so much a part of us, that sometimes we tend to ignore the real meaning or value of these languages of love, specially when we are on the receiving end. 

We should always value a kind word given to us. We should never undermine when our spouse does something seemingly insignificant , because every little act of kindness  counts. We should never take for granted the little gifts being sent our way or reject a warm embrace on a cold, cold night.

If men, imperfect as we are, are capable of loving... then what more of a perfect, awesome , loving God? He pretty much expresses His love for us  in the manner we do.

1.       Talk – He talks to us every single moment, every single hour, every single day through His Words, the Bible.

2.       Touch – He touches us through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a Person, and He touches our lives in the most loving way we can imagine.

3.       Task – Jesus has performed the greatest task of all. He died for all of us so that we might live. He died for us  to save us---He bore everything on the cross and it is finished.


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    • Cellebrate! profile image

      Cellebrate! 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      thanks courtney L J. looking forward to enjoying your hubs as well. appreciate the feedback :)

    • Courtney L J profile image

      Courtney L J 6 years ago

      I enjoy your hubs

    • Cellebrate! profile image

      Cellebrate! 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      thanks vincent. appreciate the feedback :)

    • vincentbranham profile image

      vincentbranham 6 years ago

      Hi Cellebrate,

      You are a good writer! Nice thought! :-)

    • Cellebrate! profile image

      Cellebrate! 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      thanks for the inspiration! :)

    • Judicastro profile image

      Judicastro 7 years ago from birmingham, Alabama

      Voted up and beautiful. Totally agree. My husband and I minister to couples in crisis and we have found that along with the 4 t's it is important to not just listen to them but to hear their heart. Something I still have to work on everyday. Thanks for the great reminder!