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Free Valentine's Day Poem

Updated on February 10, 2015

WIn Her Heart with Something Totally Unique


Get Her to Fall in Love All Over Again

Poem For My WIfe
Poem For My WIfe | Source

The Coupon

He had given her a Coupon
strangest thing
kind of cute
what could it mean?

The Coupon says,
“This entitles you to something
that you really, really like
but that you haven’t had the chance
until now...
to enjoy for a long, long time”

Does your mind start to wonder
as you listen to something like this...
or does your mind start to wander -
does your mind start to drift
off to those special places
of remembered pleasure and bliss?

Off to the places you know
that you always want to go
and then
know you can go again
to hear the words - you like it so much
feel the feelings - you like it so much
see the images - you like it so much
on that big screen theater
in your mind where you can see
scenes of you and me
enjoying each other's touch.

For an instant, you might think of or see
any of the past lovers who
have given that gift to you -
lovers you have known, dreamed, fantasized -
lovers you may or may not remember
lovers that may or may not have been real.

It doesn't matter
because in an instant their faces are gone
merging into a picture of one face
that is then replaced by my face
and this smiling face
is here, right in front of you.

Suddenly you know
what it is that you want
what it is that you absolutely want
what it is that you so deliciously want
and you know, too
exactly where you can get it.

Hear me now...

Strangest thing
kind of cute
because you know
this is the Coupon
and I have given it to you.

So, tell me –
what are you thinking
you want me doing now?

Phil Billitz
copyright 2011

Seducer's Guide to "The Coupon"

All of my hypno poems come with a "Seducer's Guide". The "Seducer's Guide" explains the intent of the poem and the hypnotic techniques and neuro-linguistic programming language patterns that are used to program the listener's unconscious mind.

"The Coupon" is intended to get your wife thinking about a favorite sexual activity, and to get her in the mood to engage in that activity with you.

It is a hypnotic induction that starts by telling a story about some unspecified couple. The trance induction is a variation of the Elman method and utilizes Visualization and Fantasy to access her unconscious.

Next, the hypno poem gives your partner a series of imbedded commands and post hypnotic suggestions that program her unconscious mind:

  • to remember something really sexy that she enjoyed a lot
  • anchor and associate that pleasurable experience with you
  • to remove all sexual guilt and inhibitions
  • to see you as the embodiment all the men who have given her that pleasure
  • to forget all the other men she has known

Then I use a sweet little Referential Index Shift to make it clear that the commands I have been giving are meant for HER to act on.

This hypno poem works at any stage of a relationship, and is especially effective when read to a girlfriend or spouse with whom you have an established sexual relationship. Some of my Hypno Poems are based on Speed Seduction Patterns, this one is not.

After reading this poem to a woman, she will then tell you what she really wants you to do to please her sexually.

Seems like this would be useful information, doesn't it?

Be prepared to follow through, even if it isn't your favorite thing. I'm sure you can see how identifying and gratifying her most pressing sexual need could lead to getting your needs met as well.

It's that Law of Reciprocity thing.

Hypno Poems and Hypnotic Poetry

My eBook of Hypnotic Poems titled "Hypnopoetics...Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions" is the original and IMHO the best book of Hypnotic Poetry.

As far as I know it is the first and only book of poetry that is written exclusively and specifically using the language patterns and techniques of Neuro-Liguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis.

I can't say I invented "hypnotic poetry". Some of the most powerful poetry down through the ages has used the hypnotic techniques of pacing, tonality, repetition, metaphor and rhyme to create a trance-like state in the listener.

My Hypno Poems use those traditional techniques along with Ericksonian hypnosis techniques, the NLP patterns of Bandler and Grinder, and are largely inspired by the ground breaking Speed Seduction techniques of Ross Jeffries.

This is a completely new genre of poetry that will undoubtedly have many imitators and refinements in the future.

They are written specifically and intentionally to program the listener's unconscious mind to feel love and romantic passion for the reader. An ideal set of feelings and beliefs for your wife to hold about YOU, wouldn't you agree?

My Hypno Poems all come with a "Seducer's Guide" to the Hypnosis and NLP techniques that I used when writing the Poem. I do this because I want you to be able to write your own Hypno Poems to romance your wife or girlfriend.

I do sincerely want you to be able to do this on your own.

How to Hypnotize Your Wife or Girlfriend

Your Feedback is Priceless!

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    • profile image

      Jules 6 years ago

      Love the cover of the book...OK...that is a FANTASTIC IDEA...The Seducers it. I bet you'll be getting a ton of interest.

    • pb3131 profile image

      pb3131 6 years ago from Amherst, MA

      thanks - always good to hear from you. still working with your songs?

    • profile image

      iparodyall 6 years ago

      hi phil! number 1 fan here again :) good work!


    • pb3131 profile image

      pb3131 6 years ago from Amherst, MA

      Kimberly and Joe - Thank you both for the wonderful feedback!

    • profile image

      Joe 6 years ago

      Good poetry - I have been reading Phil's poems to my lady friends for over 3 years now. Several have said that I can read poetry to them ANY TIME. I have only used these within the confines of an existing relationship, but they are quite effective in helping to 'set the mood'.

    • pb3131 profile image

      pb3131 6 years ago from Amherst, MA

      In 2008 I coined the term "Hypnopoetics" to describe the hypnotic love poetry I was writing. At that time there was NO gooogle search results for that term. Today you get over 21,000 results for "Hypnopoetics" - I hope more people hear of it!

    • Kimberley Lane profile image

      Kimberley Lane 6 years ago from N.W.Pacific Coast, USA

      Wow, i have never heard of hypno-poetry before. VERY interesting read! Thank you for the information and links. Thumbs up!