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Love Offensive

Updated on November 22, 2013

Not particularly original

Somewhere I picked up the term, "love offensive." It's a cool phrase since I don't usually associate "love" and "offense." So with a tip of the hat to whomever put this phrase in my brain, here's what it has come to mean in my universe. Well, of course there's only one universe, but sometimes it feels like I'm the only one in it. Comprende?

So what am I talking about? A love offensive is an act of generosity marked by abundance, self-sacrifice and surprise, and always perfectly timed. Perhaps you'll get my drift if I tell you what it's not. A love offensive is not saying, "That sucks, sorry it happened." Nor is it announcing with fake earnestness, "If there's anything I can do, you know where to find me." And it's certainly not ignoring a person's need 'cause you don't want to make him uncomfortable. I've experienced all of these "loves"; perpetrated a few too.

Disney World

Back in the 70s I thought it would be great to take the family to Disney World. That would be one wife and four kids. We had an old 50s vintage station wagon that had served us well for many years. Would it handle a 2000 mile road trip? I worried, just a little. Dear friends learned of our plans and knew of our situation. Got a call one night, "Frank, our wagon is all gassed up for you. Want you to take it to Florida next week." I'd seen my friend's station wagon. It still smelled like a new car. It had whistles and bells I didn't know existed.

Here's what made it a love offensive. He never asked what I needed. He knew us well enough to know what we needed and just did it. There's something about that kind of act that melts every bitter ice cube in my heart and braces me to face whatever monsters await me.

Try it

I've tried love offensives a few times... too few times. Some time ago my wife and I pulled one on our daughter and her family. At the time they live 400 miles away from us. They had two cute little girls (5 and 3) and she was expecting twins. Life had gotten a little hectic for them. I FaceBooked (zat a verb?) her that she should expect a meal to be delivered the following day. "That's sweet of you, Daddy." What I didn't tell her is that we would deliver the meal in person. It was a fun weekend.

There's a God out there

Maybe that's where I got the notion. He never asked this crafty old sinner, "Can I help you?" He didn't say, "Call if you need me!" Long before it ever occurred to me that I was in trouble, He had set in motion events by which to rescue me from myself and the damage I was doing. In fact while I was still totally disinterested in Him, Christ died for me. And further, God's love comes searching for me and keeps searching when I try to hide. He mounts a daily love offensive.

When God came searching for my great (lots of greats in there) grandparents, Adam and Eve, they hid in the forest. When He comes searching for me there's a better place to hide. I sometimes make growling sounds and chase my granddaughter around the house. In fake panic she runs. Of course, I always catch her. That's when she finds out how much I love her. Think I got that idea from God's love offensives.

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