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How to Build a Strong Relationship

Updated on November 25, 2018

Becoming Strong in a Relationship

Strong relationships do not happen over night. Becoming strong in a relationship is the same as becoming strong at anything. To get physically strong you work out, to get mentally strong, you study. All these things take time and work and so does building a strong relationship. So if you want that strong bond, you are going to have to work at it.

The outcome is well worth it. It is wonderful thing to be able to share your life with a partner who is by your side and with whom you can share anything.

Do not take it for granted, these relationships are hard to accomplish. So if you have a strong relationship, hold on to it and continue to water it so it will continue to grow!


Tips on Building a Strong Relationship

  • In order to become strong in a relationship you have to have a foundation built. Trust is an important key to a strong relationship. Without trust you will never become strong. Be loyal and faithful to your partner and continue building that trust. The more you trust each other the stronger you will become.
  • Show them you care. Make sure to make them an important part of your day and be sure to show them both physically and emotionally. Keep them included on things happening and your feelings. Reach out to them to let them know you are thinking about them. Always make time for them even during your busy day. Be sure to kiss them and hug them. Remind them that you love them. Get them small gifts and tokens just because. Make them feel special.
  • Be comfortable with each other and laugh. If you are able to laugh at your faults and not feel like messing up is the end of the world, it will help to build that strong bond. Being light and fun is important. Being able to joke and bringing a smile to your partners face will help make your relationship stronger. Being able to joke without getting your feelings hurt and laughing at yourself is important.
  • Agree to disagree. Make sure that you understand that just because your partner does not agree with you that he/she is wrong. You are two different people and you will have different ideas and beliefs. You need to be able to hear the other person out and listen to their ideas. You do not have to agree with them, but allow them a change to make their point. If you still do not agree, that is fine. You do not have to agree on everything!
  • Be supportive. Support your significant other in things they do or want to do. Again, the key to building a strong relationship is to stand by them and help them achieve the goals and desires that is important to them. Make sure they are aware that you are there for them, rooting for them. Also make it clear that you are on their side and want to see them succeed.
  • Go out of your way to make dates and/or spend alone time doing something. You do not have to go out necessarily, but make sure you spend time talking and enjoying each others company. Sitting next to them in the same room watching TV is time, but it is not much of a bonding experience. Playing a board game or video games are some fun things to do at home. These are activities where you will interact and laugh. You want to make sure you still have a good time together.
  • Though you do not have to participate in all things that your significant other does, pick something that is important to them and not so important to you and take the time to learn and or engage in that activity. Showing them that you would like to do something to make them happy and to spend time with them will help to make your bond stronger.
  • Show confidence. Being able to show your significant other that you are confident and independent is important. It puts a lot less stress on the other person knowing that they are not the only thing that you depend on to make them happy. Being able to take care of yourself and being able to make yourself happy, helps build a strong relationship. It also allows the other person to also build their own confidence. Not totally depending on the other person puts a lot less strain on the relationship.

Be Comfortable in Your Skin and Be Honest

We want to feel comfortable in our own skin, and be able to act and say what we feel without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. From the beginning of the relationship be upfront and honest. Of course this builds trust but it also allows us to be comfortable with who we are, and allows the other person to fall in love with the real us. I know a lot of us will put on a little bit of an act when trying to attract a person we like.

But what happens after we got them? If you were not honest up front we would be starting the relationship off on the wrong foot. You would already be losing points in the trust are. So it is best to always be honest and always be yourself. It just works out best that way.

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Communicating to Build a Relationship

To sum it up, communication is one of the biggest factors in building a strong relationship. Letting the other person know how you feel and taking the time to talk and the time to get to know each other on a deeper level is important. It does not matter if you have been in a relationship for one week or 20 years, you should always communicate. The more you talk to each other the more comfortable you will feel with each other, the stronger you will become. You can always learn something new about the other person, since we are always growing as people.

Making your loved one feel special and important is another huge factor. As long as you both put in the effort and pay attention to each others needs, hopes and desires then you are on your way to building a strong relationship.

I do not always agree with my husband but I always have his back. We are all human and not perfect so we need to love and respect each other - not break each other down. Having his/her back shows that they can trust you and that you will be there for them through thick and thin. Building that confidence in each other builds a strong bond that is hard to break. Building a strong relationship does take time and work but having that type of love is wonderful!


© 2010 Jennifer Bates


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