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Love So Right

Updated on March 17, 2016

Robin with Hedgehog

Mr R H Gibb with a picture of his Bassett Hound Hedgehog
Mr R H Gibb with a picture of his Bassett Hound Hedgehog

Roxette Listen to your heart

People still believe in True Love
People still believe in True Love | Source

Love So Right a dedicated story to Mr Robin Hugh Gibb

Love so Right is an inspiration I had written based on a true life event. At the time of writing I dedicated this story to Mr Robin Hugh Gibb, who then had woken up from his coma 22 April 2012 has an illness Pneumonia and cancer. He and his brothers gave so much world-wide.

It is also dedicated to true love; some people may think true love is admiration, sex; lust and outward appearance beauty only skin deep, homing in on quality values based on a person’s own insecurity issues. Psychology suggests the attractiveness with some men and woman will think that material value is attractive in a person. Yet some men who are handsome looking will be attracted to less beautiful women, knowing that they will not veer away from the relationship. A man who is not so good-looking and is wealthy can attract beautiful women.

Others may think soul-mates, twin-flames with well founded morality of beliefs; true love is about compatibility, unconditional love, a deep compassionate connection so deep that these types of true love exist for a life-time. This is when two people know the Love is so right no matter what age they are, because they have felt a true calling towards one another.

How do you know you have found your true love, love so right? Try to let go of your insecurities and follow your deep inner instincts and not material value, this will inevitably your true love will come your way.

Love So Right

Twin falls Kakadu

Gumlom Water Fall
Gumlom Water Fall | Source


The Austin Chummy
The Austin Chummy | Source

The proposal


Kakadu Twinfalls


Love So Right

The morning sky was so beautiful, it was hot and humid and you could see the sun rising above the mountains as Alan, Eugenia and the children neared Twin Falls, Kakadu in the Australian outback.(Kakadu is now a National Park it was declared in three stags from 1979 to 1991). Alan and Eugenia had been traveling for hours; they had taken Eugenia's nephews and niece along with them for the ride. Alan had suggested that they would go for a picnic for the day with it being bank holiday. With it being so hot, the children had fallen asleep on the back seat of the car. All of a sudden, there was a bang and the 1920s convertible car went out of control. What had happened, Alan had hit a rock in the road that had caused the front right tyre to explode. This had awoken the children, the eldest Junior asked, "Are we there yet! Uncle Alan". "No son, I have to change the tyre". Alan said as he pulled over to the side of the road.

The children got out of the car when they had stopped, so that they could have a walk around and stretch their legs, whilst Alan changed the tyre. A little weepy voice said, "I'm hungry!" Eugenia turned round and suggested Paris got a sandwich from the picnic basket in the boot of the car, said to her " be careful that the ice cream should not melt, it is in the icebox".

"At last I have finished!" Alan shouted. They all got back into the car and carried on the last twenty minutes of the journey to Twin Falls. Finally, they arrived to a secluded spot of the falls. Eugenia laid out the picnic with goodies to eat. The children asked if they could go and play hide and seek among the rocks, whilst Alan and Eugenia sat down and took in the picturesque view of the lake and falls.

Suddenly, Alan rose to his feet and started to fumble inside his pockets. "What are you doing?" Eugenia asked, thinking that he was going to play a prank on her. Alan is a joker and always caught her unaware with his pranks. Eugenia stood there in her white frilly 1920s dress and hat shading her eyes from the sun, with her hands on her hips demanding what trick he was going to play on her. Eugenia took one-step forward to grab Alan's left hand out of his pocket, but tripped over a small rock to which she fell forward grabbing him by both of his arms and fell on to him. In turn, Alan had stepped backwards with her falling and tripped up over another small rock that was on the water's edge; they both fell into the shallow part of the lake. They sat there helplessly laughing, looking like drowned rats.

The children saw the commotion and Paris ran over to the waters' edge, "Help, pull me out you three!" Eugenia wailed as she hung round Alan's neck so that she would not fall back in again. Paris, lay on her tummy stretching out her hands to her, trying to pull her out, but Alan pulled Paris into the lake laughing and joking. This brought Junior and Michael to the waters' edge, they both thought it was so funny that everyone was wet and laughing sitting in the lake that they jumped in after them and started to play water fights.

Alan decided that the fun was over and got everyone out. The children changed into their bathing suits and laid their clothes out in the hot summer's sun so that they would dry, and went to where the picnic was and started eating their favorite ice cream and jelly, leaving the sandwiches until last. The children loved the water fight so much that they continued playing and started to flick ice cream and custard at everyone, but they made sure there was enough left to eat.

Eugenia felt Alan take hold of her left hand with his right, as he leaned over the picnic spread, and said "Eugenia I've got something important to ask you?" Eugenia rose to her feet still holding his hand and they took a few steps to move away from the food, he knelt on one knee to start to propose marriage the words came out "oh damn". "What!" Eugenia said, as she looked down at the man she loved who was still dripping wet. Without Alan's knowledge, the engagement ring fell out of his pocket into the ice cream as he reached over to take her hand when they were all laughing and joking. Alan frantically started searching for the ring, but he did not have to look far because he saw it gleaming in the sun on Eugenia's youngest nephew, Michael's finger who had played with it. Alan whispered to him asking for the ring back and said, "This is our little secret I need it to give to your Auntie Eugenia". With the sticky ring, Alan returned to Eugenia again kneeling on one knee in a big blob of custard that landed near where she stood, his left hand out stretched placing a beautiful diamond ring on her finger and romantically said, "Will you marry me?" With tears in her eyes, Eugenia sighed "Yes".

Copyright 2006

Roxette Neverending Love


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    • mrslagibb profile image

      Mrs L A Gibb 4 years ago

      Thank you Linda for your support and your comment. Bee Gees are my fav group and I do miss Robin, Maurice and Andy.

    • profile image

      Linda Hart-Hyde 4 years ago

      What a lovely and refreshing short story!!! Very nice writing!! I miss Robin, too. He brought so many excellent songs to us all. Thank you!

    • mrslagibb profile image

      Mrs L A Gibb 5 years ago

      R.I.P. Robin Gibb.

    • mrslagibb profile image

      Mrs L A Gibb 6 years ago

      Thank you for your comment. It has also been published on Mr Gibb’s facebook to show how much of a fan I am and hope that he will pull through his illness.

    • girishpuri profile image

      Girish puri 6 years ago from NCR , INDIA

      loved your story, keep writing

    • mrslagibb profile image

      Mrs L A Gibb 6 years ago

      Thank you Dalton71482 for your support and comment.

    • dalton71482 profile image

      Jeremy Wade 6 years ago from Tennessee

      loved your story.

    • mrslagibb profile image

      Mrs L A Gibb 6 years ago

      Thank you for your support and comment.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I adore the Bee Gees and your story! This was fun to read. Happy it had a happy ending...


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