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The Men Dreams Were Made Of

Updated on November 9, 2012

Love Today Or Something Close to the Feeling...

How Good Is your Love?
How Good Is your Love? | Source

Love Today

By: Anastasia Vaughan

What’s wrong with men today? That is a question that psychology today’s magazine online dared to ask. The answer that they gave is betrayal. Though the article goes on to classify the ratio of men to women who betray each other in relationships.

However, though the problem on the surface seems to be betrayal of the genders perhaps patience is the virtue missing in love today. For example it seems more and more each day that a person version of “the one” keeps walking away with the first bidder to join their line to start a relationship. After watching a few men who ended up with the one who was their biggest cheerleader verses one who could have lithe their hearts on fire it isn’t hard to see that betrayal will eventually become an issue down the line. More and more each day it would seem that people are perhaps so anxious to get close to the concept of finding their one true love that make one too many pit stops along the way. How can you find the one when with someone else? Is the one suppose to wait around for months on end for the break up to occur is your one perhaps so suppose to see you swallow their pride and walk away?

In a world filled with turmoil and impatience is finding the one an overrated concept? Do we ever really feel real love is waiting for anymore? On Sunday morning I got up feeling a little bit more than discouraged about the concept of the one when I got up and conducted a conversation with my mother on the idea of knowing when you’ve found the one. The advice that I received from my more then modern contemporary romantic mother wasn’t exactly the words I expected to hear, but it definitely screamed today’s love into my eardrums. Her advice was “oh everyone has someone until the one comes along. Times are too modern and people are too impatient it wait for the one. You’ve got to be the only one left whose still believes in that concept.” That was the advice I received from my so called mother. Perhaps she doesn’t realize how much she said to me in the short space of three short sentences but I however, do. Never mind that my mother met my father on a date with another man. Is she right?

Love is according to dictionary definition “strong passionate or emotionally attached feelings to another person.” If love today could express itself on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest it would probably say most lovers today are somewhere between a 5 and 7. With betrayal clicking its heels in many modern relationships you’d think love was a Luke warm feeling that only exists when things are good as it fades bitters as soon as problems occur. With love’s triangular theory only holding up three main components you would think that unconditional love would be quit easy to find and attain if one looks at is a quite the simple concept it seems to be. After all if the majority of relationships have all three components in various forms which are intimacy, commitment, and passion then why can’t people today make love work as generations of yesteryear did?

The answer to the last question though very easy to understand it is harder to comprehend when people never really stop to take a stock of what they are doing while they claims they are buying their times waiting for the one. If you went into a shoe store to buy a pair of shoes and they didn’t have almost exactly what you needed would you still put a daily strain on your feet just to say you have new shoes? Would you let your feet burn just to be in style in hopes that comfort, affection for the product and appreciation would come around much later? I think not and though people might say love is not that simple perhaps it really as simple as waiting for the right fit.

I have been watching my friends become couples with others who fall in and out of love for years and never once have I though love today as a classic form of greatness. I over heard rumors that could have broken friends up that I was to afraid to repeat in hopes that faith would take the lead and lead them to a clean break yet it never happened. Love today seems to be more about convenience and comfort than ever before. Perhaps that why betrayal has been taking center stage in many relationships.


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