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Love Will Tear Us Apart

Updated on July 7, 2012

Falling in love is one of the most cherished feelings and things in human life. Apart from penguins that show commitment to partners, Humans are the only perfect creatures on earth that accomplish this in all manners. It’s truly special to fall in love but if not contained and maintained within limits, love can tear your life apart.

You might ask, isn’t love supposed to be sweet? Every rose has thorns no matter how beautiful it might seem. Accepting love is accepting a rose with all the thorns. The color of love is very challenging to predict since it changes time to time with each season that kicks in. It’s up to the lovebirds to know which gear they will use under different circumstances they come across.

So how can love tear us apart? A good question no matter the angle you take it. When you fall in love you never expect trouble to come knocking. Trouble in relationships is brewed by belief, selfishness & love. All of this contributes to love becoming soar and eventually tearing us apart. No one ever expects things to get to this level. Lets look how each of the mentioned leads to super “trouble” in our lives.


We come from different backgrounds of life. Some poor some rich, some white some black, life is full of backgrounds. The belief of “you are not fit for my son” or “she is not of our religion and traditions” and many more that you know of can really mess up more than one life. Parents can either dislike what they see because of religion, character or even skin tone and in the end cause enmity between them and their sons. A person in love is blinded by love and most of the time they side with their partners instead of the family. Anyone in this stage is already on the brink of building a hatred wall among families. However, love knows no barriers. A person in love should be treated like a child because they need understanding and not quarrels.


If a you are a person in a relationship or marriage, its good to know that selfishness can cause a rift. Favoring of one thing over the other can cause harm to lives. Mostly, it starts with favoring “My” family" over “their” family. Once this starts then be sure for a war in your lives. Connections between you and your partner’s relatives start to die and in the end, you don’t want to see any of their relatives at your doorstep. This might not affect you personally but your partners. Their family might result in excommunicating with them because of you. It’s wise to be tolerant to both families because roses don’t come without thorns.


One thing that is bound to wreck the love ship is excess love from family. If you are a mother’s boy or daddy’s girl then love with your partner is at risk. Do not be surprised when your favorite daddy or mommy disapproves of your relationship. Because you love your partner very much you end up disobeying your parents. Its good to love and be loved but a bit too much of it ruins everything. In a certain movie a lady with his lover were having a conversation:

Man: Let’s get married

Lady: Married? But your mom hates me.

Man: Are you marrying my mom or me?

Such a conversation shows that the mother loves the son too much and is either not ready to let go or finds the girl not fit for the son. Parents should learn to know that people grow up and without making mistakes, solutions will never be discovered. Lightening doesn’t strike at the same place twice. By allowing their sons and daughters freedom when the time comes, parents will have given their sons or daughters an opportunity to explore life on a wider aspect.

Love can tear us apart in many ways. You might lose friends because of loving your partner, hate your family or theirs for the same reason or even do regrettable things as well. Imagine remaining with a tattoo of a person on your body for the rest of your life and they decide to break up with you? It hurts. A good solution to the problem is to plunk the thorns off your rose through talking, tolerance and caring. God created everything a pair.

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