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Love and Divorce

Updated on February 3, 2015


Something everyone dreams about having forever. But not everyone gets for some reason. Love is complicated, but when there is, usually worth all the trouble. Now, I am no expert on love and relationships, but I know some things that make my advice more correct then the common person on the street. When your in love, enjoy it, unless there is a major problem that needs to be attended to. Just you and the one your with, no one else, unless it is to correct the issue. Never give up on love.


Divorce! Scary, but not as bad as you picture it to be. Usually the most guilty party is the one to make the fuss. Something to hide? Maybe, not so much. Anyways, Divorce is just signing unbinding papers and squaring away the pain. All the commotion is from the one the caused it. Oops. Anyways, stick, when young, with someone that is the most helpful to you. Keep yourself calm and together through the long battles. Custody battles, just be the parent. One more thing, having small kids and going through divorce, mend, mend, mend.


Some things I have learned through my good family...

1. Take care

2. Stay happy

3. Don't listen to anything the opposite party has to say. (negative)

Keep things bare minimum till the last wave rolls in. Hope the year is going well...


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