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Love and Relationships- What do you Want?

Updated on February 21, 2013

Love and Relationships- What do you Want?

By Tony DeLorger © 2010

Have you ever noticed that some people are always in ‘romantic’ relationships, regardless of their personality, appearance or financial circumstance? I remember as a young lad, thinking just that; watching unattractive friends always paired up with stunning girls, one after the other.

When I was single I used to look in the mirror and wonder what was wrong with me. But it’s taken most of my life to get to the bottom of this conundrum. It all gets back to attitude; attitude and a belief in oneself. You project positive thoughts as a reality and others, including the opposite sex, will take that on-board and believe you. There is much more to attraction than appearance.

I believe there is a perfect match out there for everyone, a ‘soul mate’ if you like. The secret to finding that person is being assured about whom you are and being just that. Your thoughts and attitudes will surround you in the ethers and be open to anyone who will recognise or relate to them. The actual pairing of a couple is the result of simply wanting it, your thoughts about whom you are and what you want, the magnet that attracts the right match.

So if you’re waiting for Mr or Ms Right to come along, I hope that you are secure and happy in yourself and know exactly what you want. If you’re not, you’ll soon see what mismatches will come your way. Love will find you if that’s what you want, but who you attract will be the result of your thinking and attitudes. So if you keep attracting Mr or Ms Wrong, you have to question how you think, your attitudes, insecurities and what you really want in a partner. Fix your thinking first and the right people will surround you, friends and prospective partners.

As we’ve already discussed, if you think positivity you will attract positive people and circumstances. We attract similar people, at least people who are into what we are, or have some connection with us on some level. Some people that we are attracted to can be difficult in some way or have a personality trait that is annoying. These relationships are usually about learning something. We attract what we want and sometimes what we need, like it or not.

So when looking at past relationships always delve into the possible lessons that were on offer from this connection. Something about your thinking then brought you together, and there is purpose in everything. If you keep repeating the same mistakes or keep attracting the same Mr or Ms Wrong, then you are not learning from your mistakes and need to look at your thinking and the circumstances much closer.

As your intuition develops, you will begin to see clearly why you have attracted certain people into your life. Some maybe ships in the night, but offering a valuable lesson, while others could be friends for a lifetime and a continual source of love and support.

Often we can be oblivious to our own needs, not necessarily our wants. If we are insecure and not as confident about whom we are, we may then attract people who in some way fulfil a need within us. For example someone who has self-esteem issues or a strong motivation to nurture or be in charge, may attract a needy, seemingly helpless individual so they can fulfil this need. The relationship is of course out of balance and symbiotic, and will eventually fail, but these relationships teach us what we are about and our mistakes to develop positively.

Lasting relationships are not created overnight and we need to experiment and experience a range of different relationships to discover our true nature and what needs to change.

So, finding the right people to share in your life is a result of your thoughts and attitudes. If all is not rosy, then stop blaming others and get down to determining what in your thoughts have created the circumstance. Everything starts within and then projects outwardly, eventually manifesting on a physical level to create the conditions of your life.


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