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Love and Being in Love

Updated on April 20, 2014

Love and Being in Love

Love, what is love?, love is;

  • a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person
  • a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection,as for a parent,child or friend.sexual passion or desire
  • a person whom love is felt;beloved person or sweetheart
  • used in direct address as a term of endearment,affection or the like

(SOURCE:World Dictionary)

This is an age old question and for some difficult to answer. I believe love is an intense fondness for someone else. Being in love is even harder to define .What I believe being in love means. It means allowing your self to be with someone that you have intense feelings for.

I have experience being in love as really getting to know that person. That means taking your blinders off, seeing who that person truly is and accepting them as they are. That means feeling love for someone you have allowed your self to know. This means their habits,quirks, and human flaws. My experience with love has bought me full circle with this indisputable truth. I was a person who had expectations and wanted my expectations met. I was not interested in my mate as a partner neither was he.This is not love this is what may be considered by some as an understanding. It took years and much insanity before I understood what true love really is.Although, romance is a part of love ,love always outlast the first blush of a budding romance.

Love and Love Games

Love has many stages and phases. Sometimes we have no Idea that we are in love. One can be friends with someone for a long time and that friendship grows into love. Loyalty, possessiveness,laughter , concern, are all components of love. I have observed women get upset behind a man for having deep concerns for a female friend. If one is looking on the outside they come to the conclusion that his girl is insecure. That may be but is he guilty of having cultivated a relationship with a woman that has more depth than the one he is in? He can be unconscious of his actions toward the friend but the outcome is still the same. This can apply to women too, you know the go to guy when you are having problems with your current love interest. Is it that we crave the attention of both for different reasons?

True love places your partner in the catbird's seat. This means you are concern for your partner's well being first. If there is others in your life that you care for, the person you love should not have to take a back seat to others. When true love is involved there ought to be true integration for all parties involved. You and your partner should be on one accord and stand together as a union with others.This is the ideal not the norm. Far too often we find competition for attention,time, and affection. It is as if the love must be tested by outsiders,friends,children ,family members,etc.True love withstands this initial test and all people reach a consensus ,soul mates. You know, Ashford and Simpson, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, hell even Tina and Ike.

Love and being in love is also about having a deep enough connection to face outsiders and protect what you have found. This comes in the form of simply knowing, loving ,and trusting one another. In that sense love is a bond that is unbreakable.


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Facts About Love

1.Roses are a traditional symbol of love and depending on the color can suggest different nuances of love . For example,red roses indicate passion and true love.Light pink suggest desire, passion, and energy;dark pink express gratitude. Yellow roses suggest friendship or jealousy. A lavender or thornless rose can mean love at first sight.White roses means virtue or devotion.Some roses even combine colors to create a more complicated meaning.

2.Women around the world are more likely to fall in love with partners with ambition,education,wealth,respect,status,a sense of humor and who are taller than they are. Women also prefer distinctive cheekbones and a strong jawbone,which are linked to testosterone levels.During ovulation, woman become even more interested in men with signs of testosterone.

3.Studies show that the risk of a "secret love" being revealed heightens romantic feelings for the partners, thanks to increased levels of Phenylethylamine(PEA).

4.Mystery or "the chase"is often critical to romantic love. Sometimes called the "Romeo and Juliet effect "a situation with challenges or obstructions is likely to intensify one's passion for a loved one.

5. Men in love show more activity in the visual part of the brain, while women in love show more activity in the part of the brain that governs memory.Scientist speculate that men have to size a woman up visually to see if she can have babies.While women have to remember aspects of a man's behavior to determine if he would be an adequate provider.


Love and being in Love

Love is two halves coming together to create the whole . It is one hearts call and the other hearts answer to that call. It is sometimes seeing your self in the other person. It is a soul connection that brings light to humanity. It is one of the creator's greatest gifts to human beings.

Being in love is having one heart beat when you are together or apart.

Being in love means you are consciously aware of your deeper innermost feelings and you have chosen to acknowledge that connection to that person. It is a journey that two people take . They have decided to walk hand and hand literally and figuratively in this world. It is a journey because they have decide to walk this path together. From the time you set eyes on each other to the time you say I do, if you chose to say those words,it's a journey.From the first phone call to the first proclamation of your love to that person, it is a journey. If it is a brief experience it is still a journey. Whatever highs and low's your love relationship have you experience them together.Getting to love, real love is a journey. For some it is short for others it takes years,in either case it's a journey.Love is always worth the price of admission. Being in love with someone depends on reciprocation and the quality of the love. I mean is it the kind of love you dreamed of?Is it your worst nightmare? Does it frighten you? I was frighten by love once. I did not like the feelings . I rather enjoyed being in control, if you were anything like me you have to get used to the feelings love brings. However,when I was ready It was most natural thing in the world.


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    • coolchic profile image

      Joan Lewis 15 months ago from Baton Rouge, Louisana

      thanks enjoy the feedback

    • coolchic profile image

      Joan Lewis 15 months ago from Baton Rouge, Louisana

      thanks i enjoy the feedback

    • cecileportilla profile image

      Cecile Portilla 3 years ago from West Orange, New Jersey

      Hi coolchic:

      Very interesting facts about love! I guess individuals sending roses need to be careful about their color choices or the wrong message could be conveyed! If love is true it should never disappear even if you part ways with the one you love! Love this article! Voted up!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      There ain't nothing like it when it is true love....I know love saved my life both figuratively and literally. :)