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Updated on July 27, 2016

Scientist says that LOVE is just a chemical reaction. Love has many definitions, but for us, our feelings towards the person we love is already the definition.For me, love is when a two person despite their differences still choose to remain together and respect their differences as a person. In love, you should respect each others differences and should praise each other, you should always tell your partners that they are adorable and beautiful even if they didn't comb their hair :) LOVE is when a person is not perfect but you accept him/her perfectly. LOVE is when you get hurt but you still stand up and forgive that person who hurt you and move on. Now, lets talk about moving on or should I say recovering from a heartbreak. And the best way to recover from a heartbreak is to just simply forget and forgive the person who hurt you and continue your life. Its not the end of the world actually :) Go on a vacation and enjoy every little things in life, appreciate and love your self even more, spend your time on your favorite hobbies these will help you forget the person who hurt you and recover from that f*cking heartbreak.


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