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Love at first sight Part 1

Updated on August 30, 2016

Music to go with the Story

Meeting Her

It all started out on a simple day on a bridge, you know how all romance starts off at a restaurant or a coffee shop? Well mine started out on a bridge. Here I was just relaxing and chilling like I always do. Time goes by as it begins to get dark, I get up, turn around and accidentally bump into a girl! (Literally) The worst part was, she had a cup of coffee in her left hand and it spilled all over her pink dress!

Oh man I felt like I was going to die and she was gonna slap me across the face or something! But no, not this girl. She look right into my eyes and said "Ohh!! I'm so sorry sir!! Are you okay? I'm so sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going and I ran into you!" She grabbed a napkin from her purse and started dabbing my shirt because of the small coffee drops that landed on me. It really didn't make sense for like five seconds until i saw that in her right hand was her phone....

This girl was texting and walking (-_-)"

I told her "Oh no! That won't be necessary! Worry about yourself first! This is nothing compared to what you have on your dress!" As a gentleman I did what I felt was right, I took off my jacket and put it over her shoulders. "Hey, you need this more than I do Haha, You're kind of a clutz, aren't you?"

She look at me again and this time, I fell in Love with her eyes. Bright blue eyes and luscious blonde hair.

Here I am thinking to myself. "If she is taken, I swear I will jump off this bridge!" Of course I really wouldn't do it, I mean, COME ON, I'm not that crazy!

As she begins to snuggle in my jacket, she apologized to me one more time and said "Thank you! I'll give this jacket back to you! I Promise!"

I replied "Alright haha, well I'll be here around the same time tomorrow?" Yeah I was totally trying to be the cool guy and not care, but man.... I really wanted her number!!

The girl told me "Or........ you know, I do have a phone.... and it'd be more umm..... fun if we were in contact with one another......." This girl was blushing hardcore. Bright red as a tomato. Of course she was cute!!! Who could resist this?! So I mustered up all my courage and asked her for her phone number. She told me them digits and of course, I was super happy on the inside but on the outside, my eyes kept staring at her cute blushing face. I smiled and asked, "Oh by the way, Whats your name?"

"Alice, Alice Swan!" I thought to myself, man that is a cute name. She then asked me, "What about you? It's not fair if you know my name and I don't know yours!!!!! "Tou, Tou Vang. Yes its literally pronounced like the number two...."

Alice and I walked to the end of the bridge together and we said our goodbyes and walked in different directions. Just to be sure... I turned around and shouted out, "Hey! Don't forget to bring my jacket!" She turn around and shouted out "Well, then you're just gonna have to call me!!

My heart literally skipped a beat when she said that. Overfilled with joy and happiness that I had not felt in such a long time. I arrived to my apartment and laid down on my bed, looking at her name on my contact list. "Should I call her? Should I not?" It was about 7 pm and I thought to myself of all the worst things that could happen if I did or didn't call. I then took a deep breath, called her up and the phone began to ring. She answered "Hello?"

The Bridge

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