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Love at first sight Part 2

Updated on August 30, 2016

Music to go with the Story

Getting to know Her

"Hello?" as she answered the phone. "Hey, is this Alice? This is Tou, I was just wondering if you made it home safely" I replied. She sounded very happy when she picked up the phone. As if she was waiting for me to call her. "Oh Tou!!! Hi! Yes I made it home safely. Thank you for asking!" I'm pretty sure that she was smiling on the other side of that phone....

"Well that's good to hear! But um..... Did you have any other plans tomorrow besides meeting up with a total stranger again?" As I asked her. She replied "Hmmm not really, just meeting you and that's it. Why?" As soon as she said that, my heart began to race and I was trying so hard to keep it all in. "Well would you like to go out to dinner tomorrow night? And I'll even throw in a cup of coffee too!"

After saying that, I felt like such an idiot!! She replied "Sure! I'd love to go out with you tomorrow night! How about this? We meet up at Starbucks for that coffee?" As I heard Starbucks, I thought to myself.... "How typical" as I chuckled a little bit. She yelled over the phone, but in a gentle and cute way. "Did you just laugh at me?!?! Is it because I'm blonde and I love Starbucks?" I swear she is being just too cute for me to handle. So I said "Oh noo!!! I wasn't laughing because of that! I was laughing because..... I was just thinking about...... Yeah I got nothing.." She chuckled and said to me "It's okay, I'm not mad Hehe, it's just cute that you were trying so hard to deny it, that's all."

This girl is the perfect girl for me!!! Like Seriously! Shes got me all feeling happy on the inside, I'm smiling like an idiot and my cheek bone hurts. I told her "Well anyways!! Haha, What would you like to go eat tomorrow for dinner?" It took her a while to reply to me but she answered "Hmm I'm not sure, How about you surprise me? I love surprises!" Man this girl was amazing! Sweet, cute, innocent looking and man, shes got me falling head over heels. "Hmm alright, I will! Just don't be too disappointed if it isn't what you expect okay?!" as I told her.

She told me "Nope! I won't be disappointed! I Promise!"

Its about 11 pm now and we're still on the phone. Getting to know each other over the phone a bit more. Yeah, I know quite a bit about her now. She loves video games, shes into anime and man she plays Volleyball. I don't want to know about her too much, or else tomorrow night, we won't have much to talk about. So I had to call it for the night.

"Hey you Bum, I'm gonna call it a night alright? Been a long day for me and you know, gonna relax and listen to music a little." After she heard that, I swear that the only words that she caught was Bum. "Bum?!!? DID YOU JUST CALL ME A BUM?!?!? WELL YOU'RE A......... LULU!!!!!" as she yelled out. Of course, after hearing that I chuckled a bit. "Aren't you being all adorable!!! Well I shall gladly accept that nickname. As long as I get to call you Bum!"

You can tell without even looking at her, but just by the way she sounds, she was blushing hardcore. "Shut up!!!! HMPH" And yes, she really did make that Hmph noise purposely so I would hear it.

"Well Good Night Bum, I'll see you tomorrow alright?" as I told her. "Awwwwww........ Okay......." That sadness in her voice, I was on to something here with her. She then said "Good Night Lulu......." Her voice was so cute!!!

5 seconds just literally pass by and she says "You hang up!" You can tell that she was messing with me because she had a little laugh at the end of it. "No!! You Hang up! Or I won't buy you your coffee tomorrow!" She gave me a gasp after hearing that. "Okay okay!!!! I'll be a good girl! Good night Lulu!!" And of course, I said "Good night Bum!!"

She hung up and all I could think about was her. The way she smiled, the way she laugh, the way she would say my name in that cute way, the way she would blush when I say something adorable to her. This girl may not be perfect to the world, but to me, she's perfect. In life, you'll meet someone who will capture your heart instantly. I believe that everyone in this world has someone for them. It's only a matter of When and Where.


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