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Can we allow : Love behind Internet ? Skype n Internat took the first place in dating, what to say?!

Updated on May 23, 2012
We are no more than a characters in a "cyber world" - living by the standards and rules that someone else, did put them, so that we can live our "little life" in "CyberLand" under pre-written "laws".
We are no more than a characters in a "cyber world" - living by the standards and rules that someone else, did put them, so that we can live our "little life" in "CyberLand" under pre-written "laws".

In the shadow...

...In these days : M.S.N,Yahoo Messenger,Skype,I.C.Q are just some of the popular instant messenger's names, that are making our every-day life totally different...

What is "the catch"?

Why did these programs make our lives totally different, in compare with a life before "them" ? -Well,the answer is simple: With these programs, we don't have a need to be beside a person that we want to talk with... We don't have a need to be beside a person that we want to see... Everything is now just "one click" away, even love.

Have you ever wondered, is love via Internet possible? ... this is something that's becoming a question of human race and their WAY of thinking ... and something that is becoming a real problem for "couples" that are dating over Internet.


Do you believe in "Internet love" ?

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Face 'n' Space

Calling your love... That feeling in stomach when you see for the first time your "love" ... That feeling of being "freeze" in front of her/him... The things that you wish you never did ,on your first date, that made that day so special and maybe - just because of that - that person decides to spend whole his life with you...

-Suddenly, all of that changed. Introducing of instant messengers with audio/video possibility of call, things like "Oh, my God - what shall I say now?" , " O my .. I don't know what to say know? Should I kiss her now?" , and " Is it possible? I feel those butterflies in stomach again..." - disappeared. Someone will now say, well these are the reasons why "I.M"s exist - without these feelings , that someone consider for beautiful some not - I.M's wouldn't exist.

BUT, have you ever think about what would happen and would you meet "the perfect one" if you were just sitting in the bar or on city square and just waiting for "the one" to show up and/or spontaneous to meet her/him? The only spontaneous place, where you can meet your "love" or "adventure for night" are discos and night-clubs/clubs. I.M's and websites that offer "dating" and stuff like that, kinda unseen and stealthy indeed, takeover our lives and now everything is someone other hands.If not "in hands" then everything, meeting your "love", is in hands of hexadecimal number - I.P address, quality of web-cam, speed of internet, and some totally different "values" than they actually should be. Now, in that "virtual world" of "profiles" and "dating" sites - real values are downed to how good you did your picture in "Photoshop", who are their friends, what pages they "like"... The time of "face and space" is here and all of real feelings and real values of meeting boys and girls are now GONE thanks to mentioned ones. BUT IN SAME TIME, everyone have right to choose. Some of us, even Hub writers, have some kind of phobia of meeting people in-face or "live" , so they find meeting and dating over/via Internet easier. There are people that feel the same "butterflies" in stomach when they call over "Skype" and start audio/video call with girl/boy ... Maybe, just maybe, some percentage of people does really need this kind of communication. Maybe, your beloved traveled to the other side of the World, business like travel, and you really miss him/her... Then "Skype" ,"M.S.N" and other programs are coming in to "action". But, the real value and feeling and everything that represented "THE DATE" has GONE. New technologies, new ways of meeting people, where everyone can be what they want - brought us easier meetings,dates but in same time destroyed REAL TIME DATING / MEETING and those feelings that make those days special.

Picture worth thousand of words...
Picture worth thousand of words...

Have you ever been in a "relationship" over Internet?

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    • Jennifer Madison profile image

      Jennifer Madison 5 years ago from Lohmar

      I met my fiancé on a dating website (okcupid) and we are getting married this year. My neighbor met her husband on a dating website as well and they have two children today and lead a happy marriage. Yes, it does work and I am sure anyone can find love on the internet if they are willing to open up to new opportunities. The relationship with my fiancé has been the best I have ever had and I am sure he is the one.

    • Rehana Stormme profile image

      Rehana Stormme 6 years ago

      Do I believe in internet love? I'm not sure because I've never experienced it. The only reason why I think it's possible is because of stories I've read of people who got married after meeting online. I guess love over the internet is not much different from real love - the feelings should be the same. The difference is, over the internet you don't have a clear way of knowing who the real person behind the screen is - for all you know, it could be some old unemployed divorced man pretending to be a hot 16 year old blonde. Lol. No, I think I'll pass - I'm sticking to face to face meeting :D

    • Happyboomernurse profile image

      Gail Sobotkin 6 years ago from South Carolina

      Welcome to Hub Pages.

      Good thought provoking hub. You raise valid points about how computers and the internet have changed the face of love and dating.

      Personally, I don't believe that computer contact can take the place of actually being with someone but I do think it is possible to have a relationship start over the internet and eventually lead to something more.

      It can also help those who are already in love and have to be temporarily separated due to travel for their jobs or military service, etc., maintain a close emotional connection that helps their relationship survive until they can be reunited again.