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Love between others

Updated on March 1, 2016

When the sun no longer shines

I just read an article earlier that prompt me to write this. Many go through life trying to make sense of the insensible and accomplish goals that they may never reach. It is important to dream and cherish those loved ones. We hold those we love close to our hearts when tragedy strikes. This brings me to the topic I would love to address. What is love? In the movies we see the fairytale of Cinderella with her prince and all the other fair maidens falling hopelessly in love with a dazzling young man whom either has wealth or looks. But, what about character? how many of these fairytales show man with character and passion for other things besides good looks and good figure? How many of the maidens where ugly or showed what women struggle with in todays day? What is the definition of love? I believe its sticking it out when times get rough and never giving up when the storms roll through. We are such an age of divorce and walking away. Before you walk away do you sit and think about the consequences or why you got married in the first place. What is love when the sun no longer shines?


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