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Loving Colours Than Shades of Grey

Updated on January 1, 2020
Suyash Thakre profile image

Hello.... curious reader Suyash here, you can always come to me for some really deep, subtle and creative topics and lines.

Fact cannot be hated

"The wise man knows that the fact cannot be changed so he accept it and the ignorant keeps criticizing the same."

-Suyash Thakre

Losing humanity

Let's imagine the world full of love, peace, smiles and laughters................ how beautiful the world would be like isn't it?????

No doubt, but it just bugs me for a while that even after loving 'Love' peacefully having 'peace' and graciously smiling we tend to hate others doing the same!!!!!

Accepting love of colours

Diversity is beautiful and so does two beards kissing roughly and two ponytails losing its grip free over one another.......

the painting drawn from this colours is distinct and real but the haters are either blind or have worn monochromatic glasses, while they only WANTED to see grey shades and get furious when they couldn't adore the masterpiece.

I love to paint and extend my imagination but even my imagination couldn't paint haters, "Hating-Love" that's stupidity and straight up jealousy.......

Teardrops in thick colours

But, Just really take a deep breath and try to change our shady eyelid and look the world through their coloured yet weeping eyes......

  1. The very first 'problem' arises the problem of 'coming out' where you NEED to tell people about your colour (sexuality). And then people would decide whether they would accept you or not; because lets get real their opinion does matter.
  2. Climbing up the 'being normal' shameful hill, comes step two; now you have to be a hunter, to hunt your love and hunt another insecure, lame and never pleasured before lover of yours, while you would pass through some hard core rejections including over explanatory words about your colour (sexuality), some knock outs and at some cases you may even need to bed rest.
  3. and finally even if you get your truly non deserving (as per our society is concerned) lover of yours; make sure that you shouldn't do sex, kiss, hold hands, love or even breathe next to one another.........even if you tend to do it somehow you definitely NEED to feel awkward about it, and if you don't....... well that's what society is for.

Every story begins with 'L'

Let's see how it goes it all starts when you see that person. Despite just the face cut, you love the sincere smile across the face. You fall for him. Your experience reminds you of the bitter relationship and crush of yours.....and tells you not to fall but to investigate first. You then try talk to the person, and guess what he is exactly what you are looking for! Does this happen to you??? and guess what again this also happen to every single person out there including the person you HATE or LOVE.

While approaching in grey shades (being heterosexual) requires confidence before the person friendzone you....... If you love colours that's a totally different war to win. while fantasizing the person you also need to JUDGE his 'gay traits'. Investigate and if you are in a country like India...... let me tell you the chances for you to be in a gay relationship are negligible; and if there are some heaters and society would definitely fetch you clear results "FAIL".

Reminder: we are humans!!!!

Really!!! We have grown our intelligence enough to sustain; I can just really hope that we grow much of our ethics. And it's so deliberately harsh to see people actually beating up some gays just because they were holding each other's hands or just for the fact that they were gay!!!!!

See the devil's deeds here..... Click the link below.

Keep the difference.......

"Animals go wild; humans gets insane and devils does it all."

-Suyash Thakre

We are the World

Now, some people are acknowledging the very obvious in a beautiful way; the short films like "in a heartbeat", receiving so much love and several awards...

Artists like Taylor Swift, and the songs like "you need to calm down" where she is trying to showcase people that it's just Love and that's all there is to it.

Also some feature films like "call me by your name" has been a hit so yeah....

We need to just sync in the very fact that homosexuality is as normal and obvious as's just a part of a person's personality and not the identity.... It's just sexual- identity.... Also I really hope that Elsa would be gay....and children acknowledge it with excitement....

If we couldn't just STOP then it's no brainer that the world would be full of hate, sabotage and misery.

Heyyyyyy..... Readers there is no word as "homophobia"..... peace....

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    • profile image


      6 weeks ago

      BRAVO !!!!

    • Suyash Thakre profile imageAUTHOR

      Suyash Thakre 

      3 months ago from India

      We cannot deny the very fact.....and if you do.....well......... you NEED TO CALM DOWN.


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