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Love Has Made Wars in History

Updated on March 1, 2019

The war of Troy was fought for a woman love

The war of Troy is the most written about in the ancient world. It was  fought because a beautiful woman was taken from her husband, according to those times, gods and goddesses took part in this event and the war. Well that was what they believed th
The war of Troy is the most written about in the ancient world. It was fought because a beautiful woman was taken from her husband, according to those times, gods and goddesses took part in this event and the war. Well that was what they believed th

Love is strange it has made wars in history

Welcome to our article (120); Love has made wars in history

Dear readers, men love beautiful women, for this reason problems arise, you see, most times when a man want a beautiful woman, but another man want her as well, they fight for this woman in many ways, in the past they could even kill each other in a duel; because they are driven to do many irrational things, sometimes they can even make war, it is a human emotion that can drive us almost anywhere; but let us try to explain our own views.

Now word love by default must carry this willingness to do good things to the people you love. So, when we men say I love you to a beautiful woman, we mean that we are attracted to her and want to make love to her, we mean also that we will do only things that will please her, well that is the intention we have. But because there are other people and many emotions involved, it does not work like that all the time, as history tells us love has made wars in history.

The most ancient known war that the love for a woman has caused is the Trojan war. To understand this war today, the same way as Homer tells in his book the Iliad (the Trojan war) is not easy, because the myth tells us that gods and goddesses took part and caused this war, starting with Eris the goddess of discord with this golden apple challenge, that was to be given to the fairest Goddess. Goddess Aphrodite was judged the fairest from Paris, and Aphrodite for recompense made Helen of troy fall in love with Paris and elope to Troy.

The story goes like this; Paris a Trojan prince somehow took Helen from her husband Menelaus (king of Sparta) and eloped to Troy. The king of Sparta was very angry and called on his other Greek allies about his grievances, so, they all got together and decided to make war to Troy. This war lasted for ten long years, it was only won because they tricked the Trojan with this wooded horse. Anyhow, the war ended with the destruction of Troy after ten years of war, just to possess this woman called today, Helen of Troy. Well this is what history tells us, perhaps there were also other reasons for destroying the city of Troy of those times.

You can read more about this in, Trojan War - Wikipedia

Now, in this article we are talking about love and beautiful women. In this war the most beautiful women that because of their beauty lots of men perished, one is Helen of Troy of course, who caused many heroes to die in the war; the other is Penelope wife of Ulises; you see, when Ulises finally returns to Ithaca his island kingdom, he was forced to kill many people that wanted to kill him and marry Penelope his wife, in these group of people was also Menelaus, the fist husband of Helen of Troy, since Helen of Troy had somehow died, so, Menelaus wanted to marry again another beautiful woman.

Anyhow, love is a strange thing, and people are even stranger the way they act, when they fall in love; to understand the force of love, we must look at how the ancient Greek people saw this force of love and what this force did at the beginning of the world. The ancient people believed that the force of love started life on earth. In the ancient pagan world, it was god Eros that stirred love things up; in fact, in Greek mythology, they believed that Eros stirred feelings between the earth and the sky, and from their union the first god was born and from there all other gods and life were born.

Most of us men are attracted to physical beauty, whether it is Eros or Venus that stirs us up we don’t know, but let us tell some story of love, or the desire to make love to a woman has made man do strange things. Therefore, even wars and destruction are possible, as we have seen above. Now let us leave behind God Eros, goddess Aphrodite and Venus and let us talk about love, as we see it later in the current era.


The Trojan horse that was Ulises canning devise to open the gates of Troy

After 10 years of war, the Greek succeeded to destroy the city of Troy, by tricking the trojans with this wooded horse. In the horse warriors were hiding, who opened the door of the city once the Trojans were had fallen asleep
After 10 years of war, the Greek succeeded to destroy the city of Troy, by tricking the trojans with this wooded horse. In the horse warriors were hiding, who opened the door of the city once the Trojans were had fallen asleep

More love and romance use in history

Other passion love and romance in history

Above we have talked about love in the pagan world, and how ancient people understood love and the consequences it brought then; now, let us talk about love and its negative or positive consequences in other fields, and later in the Christian world.

Let us start with this story in the Bible. In the Bible it mentions that Abraham and Sarah his wife who was his half-sister as well, visited Abimelech king of Gerar; Abimelech saw that Sarah was a beautiful woman and wanted her, but Yahweh in a dream told him that she was married and if he touched her, he would die. Abimelech was scared from God revelation, so, he gave Sarah and Abraham presents and asked Abraham to go away and pray Yahweh to forgive him. Which Abraham did because of the presents he had received. Anyhow, it is said that these many presents he received from king Abimelech, started to make Abraham to become rich.

Another story about man and woman love in the Bible, is the story of Salomon, who is said to have had 700 hundred wives and 300 concubines; just about any beautiful woman that visited him, went willingly to bed with him. Salomon was a lucky man, who made love to so many beautiful women, but because he went too far, and above all because his love for a woman made him offer a sacrifice to another God, God made his kingdom to be divided. So, in a way he was punished from God, because he didn’t follow God’s rules, which he knew so well. This goes to show that the force of love for a woman is so strong that can make the best of us (including Salomon) do stupid things.

Anyhow, I must write this observation; because I think that the number, one thousand women that Salomon had is not right, because even if he spent one night per women, it would take three years to make love to the same woman again. No woman can wait that long, even if you are Salomon.

Then there is the love story of Mark Antony and Cleopatra of Egypt during the Roman times; this love story is the most important love story of Cleopatra, because Mark Antony is said to have killed himself, when he thought Cleopatra had died, but it turned out to be false. Anyhow, we must say that the story of love and seduction, is more about Cleopatra than Mark Antony, because Cleopatra with her beauty would seduce just about any leader that met her, since she could not defeat them on the battle field, she used her seductive ways to friend them. It is said that had a son with Julius Cesar, and she slept with many other important people. It seems to me that there where many wars fought in the battle field, but many wars won in bed by Cleopatra. She was a very clever woman, she used the force of seduction and love to her advantage.

Cleopatra Vll of Egypt used love to win wars

Elizabet Tailor in the role of Cleopatra was not really acting, because Cleopatra was very much like her, she slept with many men, E T married 8 times plus what we don't know.
Elizabet Tailor in the role of Cleopatra was not really acting, because Cleopatra was very much like her, she slept with many men, E T married 8 times plus what we don't know.

Genzano castle of Marquise De Marinis

This is the castle of the Marquese De Marinis of Genzano di Lucania. In those times those who had power would impose that when a girl married the had the right to sleep with them the first night
This is the castle of the Marquese De Marinis of Genzano di Lucania. In those times those who had power would impose that when a girl married the had the right to sleep with them the first night

About man and woman sex and love

As we have pointed out in our article, God made man to love woman. Now this loving force that God has given us men, can be strong and twisted and involves only sexual pleasure and no love, when this happens, we are not doing the right thing, because we are swayed to do what we should not do from our desires. I believe that God intention was that, the attraction of love between a man and a woman, was there for the procreation of the species, and then, keep us together to look after the offspring. But we men are using it for pleasure, because it is the best feeling in the world to make love.

So, since the world started men have fought other men to have a woman to make love to and to possess; some wars were fought to own other people possessions, which the winner took including their women; then the winner not only took all their possessions, but did also all those things that men do to women, because the women being physically weaker could not defend themselves. Men are strange beast, some of them are even disgusting, for example a long time ago, the lord of a country, of a town or a castle, when people marred the bride first night belonged to them, so, they took the bride/s to bed the first night and had sex with them, then gave them a dowry for recompense. Today, you can’t believe these things happened, but this is how things were run in the old system, which we could say ended with the French revolution. When all the people became equal and free.

I know this because in the town I come from, there is a story of this Marquise De Marinis, who was the Marquise of Genzano di Lucania. According to the costume of those days, he wanted this first night rights with the bride of a jealous husband; but the jealous husband could not put up with this, so, he dressed himself as the bride, went to meet the Marquise at night and killed him. I believe that after that the practice of wanting to sleep the first night with a new bride stopped. Anyhow, killing for jealousy and love of a woman is a natural thing that can happen, because love carries this powerful emotional force. You see, there are communities that are very jealous about their women, so, they believe that they are entitled even to kill, if a woman in their family is violated from an unwanted man.

Anyhow, let us talk about love; because we are writing this article, not only to talk about the war and other things that woman love has cause, but also to show you a few things about the word love, the word love by default must carry this willingness to do good to the people you love, but love is an emotion within us that can make us unstable, when that happens the force of love can become the force of hate, because what you wanted so much has been denied to you, so, you hate those people that have caused this negative thing to happen to you.

Anyhow, love means so much to people that are in love; but love is an emotion that can create and destroy, as we were saying in this article, where women love brings wars and destruction, because as we have said the love for a woman has made wars in history, like the Trojan war we have written above. The roman generals were swayed from Cleopatra love, Salomon was swayed from the love of a woman, after having slept with another thousand women before her. But anyhow this is what man and woman love is.

Talking about man and woman love

Dear readers, we continue to talk about man and woman love, because I am feeling the love bug in my old age. A woman beauty can still turn my loving emotions on, even knowing that it is better being in control and avoiding sexual activities, because we old men don’t have much energy to spent, and we could get sick when we do. So, let me explain how I see this love business.

Now, we must say that love is the best and greatest emotion within our heart, because love is what make life and the world go around, without love there would be no life and there would be no world, because we would not exist. So, if I fall in love and want to make love to a woman, I must feel that I am doing the right thing, because that is how life is. Now let me make this observation and forgive me if this observation sounds a bit dirty, but that is how things are in real life, “we come out from a woman body and we spend the rest of our life wanting to visit and go back into a woman body” this is what life is, and this is what love is between a man and a woman.

Now, it follows that most times love is not true love, but it is a desire to have sex with a beautiful woman. So, let us talk about this desire that sometimes can bring only trouble. Knowing this in advance, we must make our mind up and say that we must be careful, so, whatever attraction we feel from them, it must not mean that we are going to love them at all cost, because woman beauty sometimes scares us off, as we have seen it happen, and even wars have happened for a woman love.

Now let me say a few more things before I talk about my own love bug: today most people that are in love are better described as Juliette and Romeo, this is a famous play that Shakespeare wrote. This play unfortunately ends in tragedy, the only good result was that the feuding between families was resolved, so, love can take us anywhere, it is a very powerful force, this Shakespeare play is very popular even today, because sometimes people in love, are described as Juliet and Romeo, but there is more to say about love.

Today is the TV turn to show the way for love, there are shows like the bachelor and the bachelorette, where people try to find the right partner for life; there is also this blind dating show going on, there are dating sites that can be found on the internet; so, it is the same old story, man looking for a woman love, and girl looking for a man love.

Now that I have seen and written about this love business, I feel that I am not crazy, because a normal man should act and feel this way about love. So, let me tell you my own love life story; because it needs to be told, and it is the reason why I am writing these love articles.


My love life story needs to be told

Dear readers, I am writing these articles about love, because there is a sort of love sickness in my heart, so, I want to talk about it, and compare it with other people, if I can. I have talked about love in our previous articles: God Made Man to Love Woman and Passion, Love, Romance and I am continuing to talk about it, in the hope of finding peace of mind, or a way to make love to this person that I am in love with. But there are problems, as I will explain in this article, while I am talking about my love life.

In my opinion as an old man, when I look back at my love life, I feel that I have not been lucky during my life, because the best things that life gives have come and gone too quickly; so, I have not enjoyed my love life the way most lucky people do. You see, some people find love and get married when they are in their twenties, and they are happy to live with their love partner their entire life, even if they live 100 years. I believe that those people are the lucky one, because they have solved their sexual needs in one hit; but most of us are not lucky in love, so, we are at the mercy of our partners, if we can find one, and of our love bug that devour us from inside, so, we never have peace within us and we are lovesick as lovesick can be, because we don’t have a loving partner.

When we meet somebody that we feel attracted to them, we wish that we could talk to them openly about our love and fall in love, but it does not work out like that, so, we daydream about them, and whenever we happen to talk to them, we treasure every word and every signs that gives us hope of future love.

I am saying this because I feel it within my heart even now, those things that any lover feels; so, let me describe it to you. Last time that I have seen this beautiful woman that I am secretly in love with, she has talked to me and smiled to me, now in my mind eyes I have locked her smiling face, because I want to remember that for a long time, since I know that I will not see her for a while. Her smiling face will give me strength and hope that one day I could have the courage to talk to her and tell her, I love you; but that is not as easy as it sounds, because I feel negative things within me; so, I say to myself: I wish I was younger, I wish I was taller and stronger, I wish I was a university professor or something like that, so that I could have matched her in knowledge, I wish I was rich, because money can buy anything and make life easy; so, even people that are not beautiful can become attractive, if they have money.

But I have not most of these things that I have mentioned above, so, I am saying to myself that I could be crazy. So, I want to compare my love feelings with other people, the only way that I can do that is that I look at history; I want to look at history to see what people did when they fell in love with a woman, and if these people were crazier than I am. So, let us look at those things that some men did, when they wanted a woman so bad? Because history has got a lot to tell us.


To the woman of my heart

To the woman of my heart

To the most beautiful woman that I love I want to say, I love you.

I want to say that I love her and dream about her night and day. So, when I need love, I close my eyes and I think about you in my daydreams, and I am not that lonely anymore; so, let me dream about you my love, hoping that this sweet dream of love that I dream is a dream that one day will become true.

So, let me dream about you my love; and I will pray God to bless you, because I can dream about you.

May God help me and make this woman love me, and be mine?

So that we can live happily ever after.

May God bless us all?


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